MetaBase User's Guide

What is MetaBase?

DM2003 MetaBase (proppage.dll unit) should be used to create and display descriptive information related to the data files produced by the measurement system as well as created in the result of post-process analysis, and DM2003 desktop files. The best practice is to save data file description as soon as you save data file itself, always keeping together both numeric tables and description of their content. Thus, DM2003 MetaBase allows you to organize large automated database containing various structured information about data files (metadata). Although MetaBase software installed with DM2003 implements only basic set of features (which can satisfy probably over 90% of typical user requirements), it may be relatively easily scaled from simple text files to the client-server network solution including centralized data archive, SQL server and web interface. Keep in mind that you can change default MetaBase configuration, including description file extensions, names of Conditions parameters and a set of predefined Contact Types.

How to use MetaBase?

Since data files in DM2003 are "plain" tables of numbers, file description record must be placed separately (click here for more details). For desktops, appropriate information stored in the binary format. From user's point of view, MetaBase is a set of system property pages that allows you to view and edit this information. You have two main options:

MetaBase property pages screenshot

MetaBase property pages screenshot

Notice: DM2003 software may be seamlessly integrated with custom metadata providers. Also keep in mind that MetaBase is an optional component and may be not installed. In this case, DM2003 scripting applications still able to read column captions and file descriptions from text files with metadata using DMINIFile coclass and standard scripting runtime.