LinearBasisType Enumeration

Version: 1.0

GUID: {673A9FED-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

LinearBasisType enumeration lists possible values of the BasisType parameter in the IDMApplication.LinearFit method.

Name Value Description
lfbPoly 0 Polynomial basis y=a0+a1*x+a2*x^2+...
lbfFourier 1 Harmonic series y=a0*sin(x)+a1*cos(x)+a2*sin(2x)+...
lbfPower 2 Power fit y=a*X^b
lbfExponent 3 Exponential fit y=a*exp(b*x)
lbfLorentz 4 Simple lorentzian y=a*x/( (x-x0)^2 +b*x )
lbfSine 5 Simple sine y=a+b*sin(x+c)