IDMNotes Interface

Version: 1.0
Dispatch interface for DMNotes Object

GUID: {673A9FE5-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

IDMNotes interface implemented only for backward compatibility with DM2000. Use IDMNotes2 interface instead.


Kind Name ID Description
LineCount 1 Return Lines.Count
Lines 2 Change Lines[I]
AddLine 3 Add new line at the end of Lines[]
InsertLine 4 Insert new line
DeleteLine 5 Delete selected line
Clear 6 Clear all lines
Load 7 Load lines from text file
Save 8 Save lines to text file
Text 9 Change Lines.Text


r/o property LineCount: Long

Applies to:

Returns number of lines in Notes editor.


property Lines[Index]: BSTR

Applies to:

Use this array property to change selected line in the Notes editor. Index ranges from 0 to LineCount-1. You also can iterate Notes lines in the "for..each" cycle as shown in the example:


for each S in Server.Notes
  Ss=Ss & S & vbCr
MsgBox Ss


function AddLine(Line): VOID

Applies to:

Adds line to the end of editor's text.


function InsertLine(Position, Line): VOID

Applies to:

Inserts line at specified position (0..LineCount-1).


function DeleteLine(Position): VOID

Applies to:

Deletes selected line.


function Clear: VOID

Applies to:
B740X, DMContainer, DMDigitizer, DMDigitizerContainer, DMLabels, DMListItems, DMNotes, DMStrings, E712X, HP4191X

For DMContainer and DMDigitizerContainer objects, Clear method empties the container and set Modified property to True.

For DMDigitizer, this method clears digitizer picture.

For DMListItems, DMNotes and DMStrings Clear also empties the contents of the appropriate Items (or Lines) arrays.

For HP4191X, B740X and E712X this method initialize appropriate device into some predefined state.

For DMLabels, this method deletes all plot labels.


function Load(FileName): VOID

Applies to:
DMContainer, DMDigitizer, DMDigitizerContainer, DMNotes

Load method allows you to load data from the disk file into the object. For DMContainer, text-type (ASCII) file must contain values separated by commas, tabstops or spaces. For DMDigitizerContainer, however, this method not supported.

DMDigitizer.Load should be used to load picture into the digitizer. DMNotes.Load just loads text into the Notes editor.

For DMContainer and DMNotes objects, this method also can handle HTTP and FTP URLs, so that you can download files located on the Internet/Intranet.


function Save(FileName): VOID

Applies to:
DMContainer, DMDigitizerContainer, DMNotes, DMPlot

Saves object's data to the selected disk file.

For DMContainer, values are separated by spaces, each item take a separate line. Modified property automatically cleared. In the DMDigitizerContainer object this method not implemented.

DMNotes object just writes editor's text to the disk. DMPlot object saves itself as a metafile picture.


property Text: BSTR

Applies to:
B740X, DMComboBox, DMExpressionComboBox, DMFloatEdit, DMLabel, DMListBox, DMListItems, DMNotes, DMSerie, DMSpinEdit, DMStrings, E712X, HP4191X

For DMForms ActiveX controls (DMComboBox, DMExpressionComboBox, DMListBox, DMFloatEdit, DMSpinEdit) this property changes the text in the appropriate control.

For collection objects (DMListItems, DMStrings), this property represents the contents of the collection as a single block of text. Lines are separated by standard CRLF characters.

For DMNotes, this property also operates with the editor's data as a whole.

For DMSerie and DMLabel objects, Text is just a label.

For device driver ActiveX controls (HP4191X, B740X and E712X) this property should be used to read and write data from/to the device.