DMApplication CoClass

Version: 3.0
Data Master 2003 Application Object

GUID: {673A9FC5-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

DMApplication represents root DM2003 application object. Instances of this coclass may be created externally, for example, by its ProgID (DM.DMApplication). Notice that DMApplication uses single-instance automation class type, thus causing a new copy of the DM2003 application to be run each time an OLE Automation controller (or client) asks for an instance of this coclass.

Please keep in mind that an out-of-process COM server works in some sense "asynchronously" in relation to the calling client thread. This may result in severe performance problems because any access to any member of the DM2003 object model results in some idle actions in the DM2003 message loop that are normally not executed (unless you touch its user interface). More specifically, DM2003 updates its huge (and extendable!) action list every time when Windows pumps a message in its message queue. And if you perform multiple operations with DM2003 in your out-of-process client, DM2003 may update its UI every time, so you may notice increased CPU load. It is strongly recommended that you will hide its toolbar (for example programmatically, using Options) in order to hide controls linked to Action objects and reduce number of such UI updates.