DMAppHelper CoClass

Version: 2.0
DMAppHelper Object in-process DMInternalApplication proxy

GUID: {673AAF1E-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

DMAppHelper object may be used to obtain a reference to DM2003 DMInternalApplication object from the external code units running in the same process space, such as a SilverLight plug-in loaded into DM2003 Minibrowser window. Notice that you must create instance of this coclass in the main application thread because DM2003 DOM runs in the single "COM apartment".

How DMAppHelper supports IDMApplicationEvents (events generated by DM2003)? The object itself implements only IConnectionPointContainer interface, and at the moment of writing it just calls appropriate members obtained from DM2003. This feature may be useful if you use ActiveX containers that do not support low-level COM interfaces, such as scripting languages or HTML. Other clients (such as abovementioned Silverlight) can connect directly to the DM2003 object using interface pointer returned in API property.