DM Type Library

Version: 3.0
Data Master 2003 Type Library

GUID: {673A9FC0-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

Data Master 2003 Type Library includes enumerations, coclasses and interfaces exposed by the DM2003.EXE object model. The only creatable coclass is DMApplication, appropriate ProgId is DM.DMApplication. Other objects created internally and organized in the tree-like structure outlined below:

WARNING! If your application has hardcoded references to the previous version of the type library, it may result in failures since functions like LoadRegTypeLib() require TLB version as a parameter, and it was changed in the third version of DM2003 object model. Note that this change is in accordance with the COM guidelines, and all correctly designed COM clients will continue to work.

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WindowStates PlotCopyModes WeightType FitResult
LinearBasisType WindowSizes ActiveControlTypes HTMLDialogOptions
PlotMouseModes AxisTicksType PlotPointType PlotLineType
ActionStates PlotLabelType ClipboardDataFormat BrushStyles
LabelPinModes LabelAlignments    


DMApplication DMDocument DMStrings DMNotes
DMContainer DMLabels DMInternalApplication DMWorksheet
DMPlot DMAxis DMLabel DMSerie


IDMApplication IDMApplicationEvents IDMApplication2 IDMDocument
IDMDocument2 IDMWorksheet IDMWorksheet2 IDMContainer
IDMContainer2 IDMPlot IDMPlot2 IDMApplication3
IDMAxis IDMAxis2 IDMSerie IDMSerie2
IDMNotes IDMNotes2 IDMPlot3 IDMSerie3
IDMWorksheet3 IDMStrings IDMAxis3 IDMLabel
IDMLabel2 IDMLabels