Browser Window

Browser window allows you to run HTML Applications - specialized interactive HTML documents with embedded (or linked) scripts. These applications, or applets, include user interface controls and have full access to the DM2003 objects (see Programmer's Guide for more details). From the user's standpoint, Browser window looks like some kind of Microsoft Internet Explorer browser, but in fact it is a part of DM2003 process.

Web interfaces become very popular since a lot of new information systems have distributed nature and based on the online services. DM2003 is not an exception: almost all its forms and scripts may be downloaded from the remote server via http protocol. That is, you can store your applications somewhere on the Internet/intranet and noticeably simplify their distribution and management.

Browser Window

Many DM2003 tools like Base Line Subtraction, Copy Function, TCP/IP Monitor, Linear, NLSF and Manual fitters run in the Browser window. Another important applications of the Browser are measurement control systems based on custom ActiveX hardware drivers as shown on the screenshot. You can see RS232 Terminal ActiveX control communicating with modem hardware attached to the COM port. Keep in mind that you can install and explore all HTML and scripts provided with DM2003.

Like Notes Window, Browser may be floating or docked into DM2003 main window. When floating, it has its own status line and toolbar. When Browser is docked, these controls are invisible and it uses toolbar and status line of the main window instead (navigation commands may be placed on the main toolbar or main menu). For example, when Browser has input focus, edit commands from the main menu will act on the contents of this window. Keep in mind that File|Open command from the main menu always opens HTML documents in the Browser.

Warning: it is not recommended to use DM2003 Browser window for regular browsing since there's a lot of malicious web sites on the Internet that can corrupt your computer.