User's Guide provides general information and comprehensive how-to instructions on the all DM2003 features and elements of the user interface. It is divided into two large sections: Forms and Actions (Action, or command, is an invisible object that represents algorithm of some operation and may be linked to the toolbar button or menu item). It should be emphasized that in DM2003 menus and toolbars may be easily reconfigured by users, so that actions have no fixed positions in the user interface. Moreover, in addition to the standard set of actions, users can create new custom actions and categories of actions as described in details in the Programmer's Guide and integrate them into the DM2003 framework (read more about DM2003 User Interface Architecture).

Click links below to get detailed description of the selected form or action category.


Window Calculation Options Properties Help Process Scale
Edit Navigation Series View File Fitting Plot labels


Main Window Data Window Series Manager Worksheet Properties Dialog
Notes Window Label Properties Dialog Axis Properties Dialog Application Properties Dialog
Browser Window Series Properties Dialog New Action Dialog Customize Menu and Toolbars
Calculator Dialog Copy Function Tool Linear Fitter Tool Baseline Subtractor Tool
Digitizer Tool Manual Fitter Tool NLSF Fitter Tool TCP/IP Monitor Tool
Multi-X NLSF Fitter Tool Plot Data Wizard General Linear Fitter Tool Data Acquisition Applications
Script Editor Data Browser Tool Sample Properties Dialog MetaBase Configuration Dialog
Web Index Tool HTML Text Editor Dialog LEVMAR Fitter Tool  

See also Getting Started article for a quick tour of basic data visualization and processing features.