Manual Fitter Tool

What is Manual Fitter Tool?

Manual Fitter Tool is useful if you need to find expression form and parameters of desirable curve transformation. It dynamically modifies series expressions properties and provides to you visual feedback when parameters values are changed (you may either check Auto apply flag or click Apply button after parameters changes). In fact, it is a very convenient interface to the series expressions feature.

Manual Fitter Tool

How to use Manual Fitter Tool?

Manual Fitter Tool is a HTML application running in the Browser window. It acts on the non-empty current plot series (both data-based and parametric).

  1. Type desirable series expressions or select previous input from the drop-down list. These expressions may be composed from the same set of operators, functions and parameters as "normal" series expressions (see expression syntax) and two additional parameters - p1 and p2, whose values may be manually selected by user and substituted into the expressions as a numbers.

  2. Enter or change parameter values until the curve will fit your requirements. You may increase/decrease both parameters by defined step, and the curve will dynamically reflect these changes.

  3. When you finish curve transformation you may retain series expressions or recalculate worksheet data (if you check "Calculate" flag before clicking OK button). It should be mentioned that DM2003 has another powerful tool for moving points: visual curve Translation tool supported directly by DM2003 graphic engine.