LEVMAR Fitter Tool

What is LEVMAR Fitter Tool?

Unlike NLSF Fitter and Multi-X NLSF Fitter, this tool uses alternative implementation of the Levenberg-Marquardt algorithm, created by Manolis Lourakis. In particular, this implementation supports various methods of constrained optimization, including so-called box constraints. Both DMFitter ActiveX control and levmar fitting engine library (lmhelper.dll) must be installed.

How to use LEVMAR Fitter Tool?

LEVMAR Fitter Tool - box constraintsLEVMAR Fitter Tool - options

This fitter works almost in the same way as NLSF Fitter. However, it is possible to apply box constraints and the set of options is slightly different (see the screenshots above). Constraints may be defined for all parameters at once, so if you need to limit only one parameter, set other values high or low enough, such as the default +/- 1e308. Options have similar meaning as for standard fitter: thresholds determine whether fitter should stop when changes in parameters or Chi2 are small, derivative delta is used for numerical computation of the finite difference approximated Jacobians, also you can define maximal number of LM iterations and a column with relative point weights. In addition, you can change format of numeric values and initial value of the damping factor.

Again, keep in mind that in general, nonlinear fitting procedure is not much stable. You may need some efforts in order to obtain a good fit, that's why you have a choice of two independent LM implementations and a set of fitting options.