Linear Fitter Tool

What is Linear Fitter Tool?

DM2003 provides several curve fitting tools available in Process|Fitting submenu. In comparison with NLSF, linear fitting has more limited applications. However, it is much more fast and straightforward and does not require initial parameter evaluations. This feature makes it more convenient for various automatic fitting routines (see IDMApplication2 interface for more details). Unfortunately linear fitting method has serious restriction: you can fit only several predefined model functions (or function classes).

Linear Fitter Tool

How to use Linear Fitter Tool?

First you should plot data to be fitted since this tool works only with active plot serie; then select appropriate menu item to load Linear Fitter HTML application into the Browser window. Your data will be plotted in a new temporary data window.

  1. Select desirable fitting expression from the dropdown list. For some models you should additionally define the number of terms in the expression. Also you may use plot selector tool to restrict fitting data range as shown on the screenshot.

  2. Click "Fit" button to create and show best fit curve. Parameters table also will be filled with their values.

  3. When you click OK button, you may save fitting results in several ways. Available options are: copy best fit curve to the new plot serie in the source window, add fitting results to the Notes window or add parameter set to the selected worksheet.