Data Acquisition Applications

What is Data Acquisition Application?

Data acquisition applications are HTML applets produced by Measurement System Wizard tool. You create and use these applications in order to control measurement facilities combined from several laboratory instruments like digital multimeters or signal generators. Notice that applications based on custom templates may significantly differ from typical application shown on this screenshot:

Vertical Markers
Data Acquisition Application Horizontal Markers
Typical data acquisition application (click on circle label #5 to display application options).

How to use Data Acquisition Applications?

Notice: before you load your application into the Browser window, you may need to configure individual device drivers that are used by the application. Usually you load files with appropriate drivers and change device settings like COM port number and measurement mode. Purpose of the default control and indication elements of data acquisition application listed below.

  1. Click Run button to start and stop measurements. When this button is pressed, Point and Settings buttons are disabled.
  2. Click Point button to perform single point measurement (scanner feature not used!).
  3. If Scan button is pressed, every measurement cycle is started with scanner increment command (this button may be not available if application does not use scanner feature). Actual change of scanner value usually is determined by the device driver configuration.
  4. If both Scan and Reverse buttons are pressed, scanner feature is active, but scanner decreases its value at every measurement cycle.
  5. Use Settings button to display application configuration options. When this button is pressed, Point and Run buttons are disabled.
  6. Application status informs you about current phase of the measurement cycle (waiting for scanner and/or commutator relaxation delay, averaging measurement readouts).
  7. Column labels and current values of columns as they appear in the data window are updated at the end of every measurement cycle.
  8. This area displays front panels of device drivers included into the application. Keep in mind that device drivers may have arbitrary set of control and indication elements.
  9. Settings panel contains of three subpanels: Control, Delays and Scan (if application uses scanner feature). You can select appropriate subpanel by clicking links from this "menu".
  10. Here you should customize point measurement cycle and control data visualization: