Function Copy Wizard

What is Function Copy Wizard?

This operation allows to perform calculations on the data from different data windows. Namely, for every line from the data range of the destination worksheet this operation calculates value of Y column from source data range by the value of X column of the target data range using linear interpolation. This Y value from source data range assigned to the cy parameter in the expression calculated for every line of the target data range. Other parameters (a..z, cx) represent columns of the destination worksheet like in Recalculate Data Range operation. To produce continuous results, this operation sorts target data range before calculations. If Ins/Owr flag (indicated in the status line of the main window) set to "Ins" state, this operation adds the result to the end of destination worksheet line; otherwise, Y column will be replaced by the result of calculation.

How to use Function Copy Wizard?

This operation works in the Browser window and includes three simple steps:

  1. Click non-empty source data window and select Process|Copy Function command from the main menu. You will see Select Source Data page of the Function Copy Wizard. If worksheet viewer is active in the data window, data range is set to the selection of the worksheet viewer. If plot viewer is active, source data range is set to the data range of the current plot serie (it must be non-empty). Anyway you can easily change these values: just click another data window or activate desirable viewer, and data range will be properly updated.

  2. Select target data range in the same way as described above: click worksheet or plot of any data window and select current serie or cell range in the worksheet. Note that plot series may reference worksheets from any data window. You may go to the previous page to view or change source data range.

  3. The last step is to define expression (see expression syntax for more information about available operators, functions and parameters names). Keep in mind that unlike Recalculate Data Range operation, cy parameter represents value of Y(X) from the another (source) worksheet, while other parameters have the same meaning. If you set expression to the "cy", this operation will simply copy function from the source window as in the earlier versions.