Data Master 2003 Screenshots

This page contains links to the screenshots that illustrates various features of Data Master 2003 software. See also DM2003 applications page.

Magnetoresistance measurements (17 022 bytes)

Magnetoresistance measurements This picture demonstrates real data acquisition process: field dependence of the magnetoresistance of the carbyne sample measured at constant temperature, stabilized by temperature controller unit. Several curves recorded at slightly different temperatures are plotted on the same data window (right pane).

Processed magnetoresistance data (16 412 bytes)

Processed magnetoresistance data Complete set of R(H) dependencies for abovementioned sample plotted in so-called "linearizing" coordinates. In this example, all curves transformed by applying X axis expression (read more about plot axis properties).

Conductivity measurements (14 671 bytes)

Conductivity measurements Another experiment on the same carbyne sample: temperature dependencies of DC conductivity. HTML-based data acquisition application is loaded into Browser window which is docked into main application window (left pane); Ro(T) data dynamically displayed on the plot (right pane). Special coordinates also used for Ro(T) curve linearization.

Carbyne Ro(T) and TEMF analysis (33 994 bytes)

Carbyne Ro(T) and TEMF analysis This project contains conductivity and TEMF data for a series of quenched under high pressure carbyne samples. Sigma(T) and TEMF(T) curves may be decomposed into several contributions with the specific nonlinear fitting procedure.

Magnetoresistance of mesoscopic carbon network (23 125 bytes)

Magnetoresistance of mesoscopic carbon network Just another example of non-linear regression analysis. Magnetoresistance R(H) fitted with following expression:
All fits for R(H) series for different temperatures created by special script that uses Levenberg-Marquardt fitter exposed by DM2003 object model.

Lorenz Attractor Curve (27 161 bytes)

Lorenz Attractor Curve Powerful scripting languages implemented in DM2003 allows you easily perform sophisticated numerical mathematics tasks. This screenshot demonstrates famous Lorenz attractor curve - a solution of coupled nonlinear differential equations obtained using fourth order Runge-Kutta method.

Chaos in the nonlinear dynamical system (13 889 bytes)

Chaos in the nonlinear dynamical system Chaotization in the discrete nonlinear system - so-called "strange attractor". Special script creates sequence Xn+1=4RXn(1-Xn) and isolates finite number of "attractor points" as a function of R parameter. However, starting from R~0.85, Xn sequence become irregular (chaotic).

Custom plot types (polar, Smith chart etc) (19 697 bytes)

Custom plot types (polar, Smith chart etc) Advanced features of DM2003 graphic engine such as axes expressions and plot label objects, allows you emulate custom plot types (polar coordinates, Smith charts, vector fields, stem plots etc) programmatically. At this screenshot you can see two curves: ro~fi*1e3 (red circles) and ro=sin(3*fi)*1e4 (blue line) displayed in the polar coordinates. This demo is available from the Welcome page.

OPC-based data acquisition system (19 994 bytes)

OPC-based data acquisition system OPC stands for OLE for Process Control - a popular standard of application interface for industrial automation and SCADA software. On this screenshot, DM2003 (in the foreground) records and displays data stream provided by free Matrikon OPC Server for Simulation (see background window).

MODBUS over TCP/IP protocol simulation (21 163 bytes)

MODBUS over TCP/IP protocol simulation MODBUS is an application layer messaging protocol, primarily used for communication between industrial PLCs, computers and other factory hardware. Both RS-232 and Ethernet may be used as a physical network media. In this example DM2003 is connected to the PLC simulator through TCP/IP socket.