Plot Data Wizard

Plot Data Wizard is a tool specially designed to help beginner users to visualize numeric data with DM2003 software. It works something like Plot Lines actions from View Action Category, but performs additional checks and allows you to open new data files as well as plot data in the opened data windows. The wizard procedure includes following three steps:

  1. Select Data Source - at first step, you should either select non-empty data window (that is, data window whose worksheet viewer displays non-zero number of data lines) or click Open button and select new data file. Since data windows are distinguished by window captions, you may encounter troubles if there's more than one window with the same caption (or title).

  2. Define Data Range - at this step, you should select X and Y columns for your plotting. Notice: whole range of lines will be plotted. You may use Series Properties dialog box to change the range of lines and other series properties later. Certainly, the columns you have selected must exist in the data file; otherwise, you will get error message when wizard will start its work.

  3. Choose Target Plot - this is the last step at which you select data window (plot) for a new curve (or "series"). You may either select from the list of existing data windows or create new data window.

When you click OK button, the wizard loads new data file (if you have specified this choice), performs data range checks (both lines and columns) and, finally, initializes first empty plot "series" object for the selected target plot with defined data range. If there's no available series, it will create a new one. In addition, this series become "current".