New Action Dialog

This dialog box should be used to install new Action object. Actions are basic feature of the extensible DM2003 architecture; any user interface element like menu item or toolbar button has intrinsic link to the action object, several UI elements may share the same action. Users may create their own custom actions in two ways:

Every properly registered provider exposes a list of available actions, distinguished by unique names, or Action IDs (click link to see list of standard actions). Every action, in turn, have a list of attributes. Some attributes (ID, Caption and Hint) are determined by provider and not editable, while others (Category, Shortcut and Image) may be changed by users. These attributes are displayed by the elements of user interface.

Notice that you can change standard set of images and/or add your own images. Keep in mind, however, that these images also used by default set of actions which will be affected if you will set alternative image file. Image file must have Windows BMP format, its height must be exactly 16 pixels, and width is equal Nx16, where N - number of images.

See also help on Customize Menu and Toolbars dialog box to learn how to integrate new actions into DM2003 user interface.