Sample Properties Dialog

Every data file properties record in MetaBase must have associated sample properties record (this is known as master-detail relationship). This dialog box allows you to create or edit sample properties record and link it to the file properties record.

Master-detail relationship

Master-detail relationship for MetaBase records

For text-file MetaBase provider, all records are stored in plain ASCII files with default *.txt extension (you can edit these files with standard Windows Notepad application and search information by standard system file search tools). There are two kinds of files: for data file description (have the same name as data file, but *.txt extension) and sample description. When you create new data file description you should select existing sample description file (Change file button), or create new sample description file (input information and save it to the disk file with Save to file button). You can change sample description file later (click Change file button, select file and click OK button to save link).

Note that it is not necessary to create separate sample description file. You may omit sample information (if you cancel this dialog box) or even store it in the data description file: don't click Change file or Save to file buttons, just click OK and sample description sections will be added to the data description file. Also note that later you may decide to save sample description in the separate file (do it by clicking Save to file button), but it's impossible to return to the single-file scheme if sample description stored in the separate (linked) file (although you can easily edit these files manually).

Changes in both data and sample description files are saved only if you close this dialog with OK button.

Hint: you may create sample description files as follows: open system Command Prompt (or MS DOS Prompt) window, change directory to the DM2003 installation folder and run following command:

rundll32 PropPage.dll,CreateSampleDescription

You may also find convenient to make a Windows shortcut for this command.