MetaBase Configuration Dialog

This dialog box allows you to change default settings for description file extensions, HTML provider file name (or URL), DMW backup on edit description flag, names of Conditions parameters and a set of predefined Contact Types. Data file compression settings also may be configured here. More information provided in the context-sensitive help on individual controls.

To display MetaBase Configuration dialog, open system Command Prompt (or MSDOS Prompt) window, change directory to the DM2003 installation folder and run following command:

rundll32 PropPage.dll,ShowConfigurationDialog

If you would like to revert settings to the default values, just clear all fields and click OK button to save changes. You may also find convenient to make a Windows shortcut for this command.

Notice: some changes in the MetaBase configuration will take effect only after the property page handler DLL (proppage.dll) restarts next time. So that, you may need to close all applications that use MetaBase property pages (or just log off and log on again).