Main Window

DM2003 implements classic multi-document interface (MDI): you can open unlimited number of data windows framed by main window that presents DM2003.EXE application itself. Main window includes standard components: customizable main menu and toolbar, MDI client area and a status line (see picture below).

DM2003 Main Window

User interface of the main window is very flexible and may be configured according to the user preferences. Main toolbar consists of several individual toolbars that can be independently displayed and configured: open Menu and Toolbars Properties dialog, select Actions tab, then drag actions onto the selected toolbar panel or main menu. In addition, options in the Application Properties dialog box allows you to hide or show main toolbar and status line.

Another convenient feature is dockable windows. You may dock Notes window, Browser window and Series Manager into main window as shown on the screenshot. When these windows are docked, their own toolbars and status lines become invisible and they use toolbar and status bar of the main window instead. Thus, the result of operation invoked by the item of main menu or toolbar button, as well as information displayed in the status line, depends on the active (focused) control. To select control, just click it with mouse or use Tab key to move focus. Notice that some operations may be disabled if they are not applicable to the active control.