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This file accumulates history of changes in the source code of Data Master 2003 binary units. Use it to track bug fixes and new features in this software. See also the list of open QA items for all binary units.

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06.06.2012 16:48:48 Build #433 - it was decided that a new version should be made with a lot of minor improvements, mostly in scripts.
 DMRes.RES              Build #433
 MainWnd.pas            Another QA_0106052012 issue (CompressionProgress)
 DM2003.dof             Build #433
 DM2003.res             Build #433
14.05.2012 22:14:21 Post-fix after build #432 was made - a couple of UI defects especially annoying on Window7 was solved.
 rrr.htm                Problem with page size under MSIE9 (QA_0113052012)
 MainWnd.pas            1. Mainmenu bug on Aero interface - QA_0111052012
                        2. Progressbar freeze and poor performance on
                        Windows7 - QA_0106052012

 dm2003.htm             Problem with page size under MSIE9 (QA_0113052012)
21.04.2012 23:15:14 Build #432: a couple of important new features were implemented: QA_0131102011 - support of compressed DMWs; QA_0231102011 - filters in open/save dialogs. Filters make opening and saving data files much more comfortable, DataBrowser script now also supports this feature. When you create data file extension, it is added to the list of extensions in the filter. Compression reduces the size of desktop files even more effectively than for data files. Now it is possible to use pixel graphics on the plots (QA_0112052011) without sacrificing workspace file size.
 MainWnd.dfm            File dialogs filters changed (QA_0231102011)
 DM2003.res             Build #432
 Strings.pas            New string added
 MainWnd.pas            1. QA_0131102011 - support of compressed DMWs
                        2. QA_0231102011 - filters in open/save dialogs

 dm2003.htm             CompressDesktops option added (QA_0131102011)
 AppDlg.pas             1. QA_0231102011 - UpdateFilters (read registry)
                        2. QA_0131102011 - (de)compression context menu
                        (checkbox + creation of new registry key)

 AppDlg.dfm             UseContextMenuCheckBox added, some other 
                        controls moved to free space for new ones

 DM2003.dof             Build #432
 CoMain.pas             CompressDesktops option added (QA_0131102011)
05.04.2012 17:07:51 In this interim check-in, form scaling in large fonts mode was fixed for file properties page (see QA_0207032009).
 UrlDlg.dfm             Now form scaling is enabled
 UrlDlg.pas             Now form scaling is enabled
 FileDlg.dfm            Now form scaling is enabled
 FileDlg.pas            Now form scaling is enabled
07.02.2012 20:43:21 Build #420: little changes for new DMAppHelper control (Silverlight support) Released as a patch!
 MainWnd.pas            New published property AppInterface added
                        (see QA_0102022012 for more details)

 DMRes.RES              CompressDataFiles server option added
07.01.2012 23:47:27 In the build #415 support for compressed data files was added (see QA_0131102011).
 dm2003.htm             New CompressDataFiles option added
 DM2003.res             Build #415
 MainWnd.pas            For QA_0131102011:
                        1. CompressDataFiles option added
                        2. New SaveDataFile procedure

 DM2003.dof             New build #415
 CoCont.pas             QA_0131102011: (down)load and save compressed data
 CoMain.pas             New CompressDataFiles option added
 DataWnd.pas            Save file code in FormCloseQuery was 
                        replaced by new SaveDataFile method

06.01.2012 23:04:43 Build #414 (warning: NO version change!) In this temporary check-in: several bugfixes, + support for labels as series area borders.
 CoSerie.pas            1. Support of label area borders (QA_0107122011)
                        (getter and setter of the COM property)
                        2. Bugfix: series window does not update after
                        AssignObject call for the same window

 MainWnd.pas            Coolbar creeping bugfix for Unicode version
                        (see QA_0804052011 for additional information)

 SerieWnd.pas           Plot color in UI bugfix (QA_0117052011)
 CoData.pas             Clone member was changed for correct 
                        support of label area borders (QA_0107122011)

 CoMain.pas             Docking bugfix in ShowDialog (QA_0117082011)
 CoPlot.pas             Plot color in UI bugfix (QA_0117052011)
11.05.2011 21:04:45 Build #412 - resources and bugfix in MainWnd.pas
 DMRes.RES              Build #412 - dm2003.htm changed
 MainWnd.pas            A couple of bugfixes related to Unicode
 DM2003.dof             Build #412
 DM2003.res             Build #412
11.05.2011 2:39:51 A lot of modifications in the build #412 - finished beta stage of Unicode migration!
 LabelDlg.pas           QA_0604052011 - font fix
 FileDlg.pas            1. QA_0604052011 - Font fix
                        2. QA_0103052011 - Unicode WinAPI

 LegendDlg.pas          1. QA_0604052011 - font fix
                        2. QA_0103052011 - migration

 Splash.pas             QA_0104052011 - XE VCL changes
 MainWnd.pas            Following migration issues were closed:
                        QA_0103052011, QA_0904052011, QA_0604052011, 
                        QA_0105052011, QA_0108052011, 
                        QA_0107052011, QA_0804052011

 dm2003.htm             Unicode server option added
 CoMain.pas             Following migration issues were closed:
                        QA_0103052011, QA_0604052011, QA_0108052011
                        Warning!!! QA_0106052011 (ExtCtrls) must
                        be removed - it is not used

 CoLabel.pas            QA_0226042011 (DMLabel.Load)
 CoWks.pas              Unicode migration (QA_0103052011)
 DM2003.dpr             QA_0604052011, D7 compatibility code added
 DataWnd.pas            Following migration issues were closed:
                        QA_0604052011, QA_0204052011, QA_0103052011

11.04.2011 19:55:17 Build #407 - support for desktop file preview images (thumbnails) and other improvements.
 DMRes.RES              new server options and registration 
                        keys in the dm2003.htm file

 DM2003.res             Build #407
 MainWnd.pas            1. MDI Wallpaper support
                        2. QA_0423022011 - desktop thumbnails
                        3. QA_0105062010 - delete UI item

 Strings.pas            Hint in SaveUndoInfo, thumbnail save status message
 rrr.htm                First check-in (note: file is NOT new!)
 CoLabel.pas            QA_0118032011 - paste BMPs by labels
 CoData.pas             SaveUndoInfo now has a hint
 CoMain.pas             1. QA_0118032011 - paste BMPs by labels
                        2. QA_0423022011 - desktop thumbnail option

 dm2003.htm             First check-in (note: file is NOT new!)
 DM2003.dof             Build #407
24.02.2011 22:56:38 Build #400 is a beta version. Main changes are in Library - full support for thick dashed lines now is implemented (display/copy/print).
 SerieWnd.pas           QA_0115072009 - thick dashed line in preview
 DM2003.res             Build #400 beta
 DM2003.dof             Build #400 beta
11.02.2011 22:14:38 Build #394: improved performance and date/time support, and some bugs fixed
 DMRes.RES              resources changed
 DM2003.res             Build #394
 LabelDlg.dfm           DateTimePickers for coordinates added
 MainWnd.pas            QA_0321012011 - performance improvement
 LabelDlg.pas           1) QA_0124122010 - improvements of date/time 
                        2) bugfixes

 DM2003.dof             Build #394
 AppDlg.pas             Link for loading autosaved desktop added
 AppDlg.dfm             AutoSaveFileNameLabel added
 CoCont.pas             QA_0120122010 - multiple items added at once
                        (as a text with CRLFs or 2D variant array)

 DataWnd.pas            QA_0109072010 - clear series cache when
                        referenced data are modified

 CoMain.pas             Bugfix in PlotPointClick (QA_0126122010)
18.06.2010 15:16:53 Build #386 - final version tested under Windows 7 system.
 MainWnd.pas            QA_0115062010 bug fixed (creeping coolbands)

 SerieWnd.pas           QA_0215062010 bug fix (Error 87 on W7)
 AppDlg.dfm             Label text changed
 BrwsrWnd.pas           Comment added
11.06.2010 15:06:14 In the build #386, 2 groups of changes were made: a) new members added to the COM object model; b) several improvements and bugfixes. Also new service was made (QA_0220032010).
 DM2003.idl             Several changes: new members added (QA_0114022010)
 DM2003.res             New build #386
 DM_TLB.pas             Several changes: new members added (QA_0114022010)
 DM2003.dof             New build #386
 DM2003.tlb             Several changes: new members added (QA_0114022010)
 LegendDlg.pas          Double Quote bug - see QA_0117022009
 MainWnd.pas            Improved docking behavior (QA_0116022010)
 DMRes.rc               New resources added
 FileDlg.dfm            HelpFile='metabase.hlp' removed
 CoWks.pas              AssignObject member added (QA_0114022010)
 BrwsrWnd.pas           1. Changes in "about:" implementation
                        2. Improved docking behavior (QA_0116022010)

 CoAxis.pas             AssignObject member added (QA_0114022010)
 BrwsrDlg.dfm           A couple of activate/deactivate events added
 BrwsrDlg.pas           Two changes for modeless dialogs:
                        1. Ability to disable Close (QA_0120012010)
                        2. Compactization behavior

 CoLabel.pas            New members added (see QA_0114022010)
                        AssignObject, Picture, ItemIndex

 CoPlot.pas             1. Picture property added (QA_0114022010)
                        2. FLabels array exposed as public prop
                        3. Changes for QA_0108062010

 CoSerie.pas            1. ItemIndex and AssignObject members 
                        2. Performance improvement (QA_0101032010)

 CoLabels.pas           1. MoveLabels function for QA_0114022010
                        2. Bugfix - IsExternalRefs (QA_0108062010)

 CoMain.pas             OpenSaveFilter property added for QA_0208062010
07.01.2010 3:12:52 This build #365 is a release (+some bugfixes)
 DM2003.res             Build #365 (release)
 MainWnd.pas            QA_0101012010 - UseBalloonDisplayMessage
 CoMain.pas             1. QA_0102012010 - PlotPointClick
                        2. QA_0101012010 - UseBalloonDisplayMessage

 DM2003.dof             Build #365 (release)
06.12.2009 18:52:52 Build #361 is a release candidate. In this build: several imprvements - graphics, COM. Interfaces are probably in final edition.
 DM2003.res             Build #361
 DM2003.idl             Several new members in IDMApplication3,
                        IDMAxis3, IDMApplicationEvents, IDMSerie3

 DM2003.tlb             Several new members in IDMApplication3,
                        IDMAxis3, IDMApplicationEvents, IDMSerie3

 MainWnd.pas            1. doWelcome - QA_0108092009 (HKLM)
                        2. doWelcome - removed! QA_0101112009
                        3. OnStart event - see QA_0201112009
                        4. ComImport improvement (QA_0223102009)

 LabelDlg.pas           Correction (QA_0102112009)
 DM2003.dof             Build #361
 CoLabel.pas            Bugfix: new line attributes processed
 CoAxis.pas             3 new properties added (Grid lines)
 CoMain.pas             1) Close method (QA_0123102009)
                        2) OnStart event (QA_0101112009)

 DM_TLB.pas             Several new members in IDMApplication3,
                        IDMAxis3, IDMApplicationEvents, IDMSerie3

 CoSerie.pas            1) New members (point cache) - 
                        QA_0122112009, QA_0222112009
                        2) Bugfix - new line styles

01.10.2009 20:28:51 Build #360 - IDMxxx3 interfaces finished. Also several bugfixes and changes in scripts.
 DM2003.idl             All changes for IDMxxx3 interfaces
 DM2003.dof             Build #360
 DM_TLB.pas             Changed library version to 3.0 (QA_0120092009)
                        Minor bugfixes (constants, RowHeight)
                        New functions added to IDMSerie3 object

 MainWnd.pas            1. load/save config.bin control parameters
                        2. copyplotframe field (used in other units)
                        3. CommandImport bugfix (QA_0221092009)

 DM2003.tlb             Build #360
 DM2003.res             Build #360
 CoWks.pas              New RowHeight property and a bugfix
 CoLabels.pas           Protected directive (QA_0220092009)
 CoData.pas             Bugfix (QA_0122022009)
 CoCont.pas             Protected directive (QA_0220092009)
 CoSerie.pas            New functions for items manipulation
 CoPlot.pas             1. Bugfix (QA_0122022009)
                        2. CopyPlotFrame bugfix

 CoMain.pas             1. docking in ShowDialog
                        2. 2 new options

21.09.2009 19:16:29 Build #359 - before final beta release. All IDMxxx3 intefaces are implemented, following set of COM related QAs closed: QA_0217092009, QA_0109092008, QA_0315092009, QA_0115092009, QA_0217092009, QA_0117092009, QA_0127052009, QA_0404092008, QA_0304092008, QA_0102092008, QA_0211082008, QA_0209082008, QA_0205082008, QA_0103082008, QA_0101082008, QA_0230072008.
 DataWnd.pas            1. EnableDoubleBuffered property (QA_0109092008)
                        2. Code for DMApplication.PlotGetPoint event
                        3. Bugfix in SetViewState (QA_0115092009)

 CoWks.pas              IDMWorksheet3 interface implemented
 DM_TLB.pas             A lot of changes related to IDMxxx3 interfaces
 MainWnd.pas            1. New public fields for Options COM property
                        2. OnOpenFile - see QA_0217092009
                        3. MergeDMWNotes option implemented

 DM2003.tlb             A lot of changes related to IDMxxx3 interfaces
 CoSerie.pas            IDMSerie3 interface implemented
 CoAxis.pas             IDMAxis3 interface implemented
 AppDlg.pas             Exclude InitDataForm code (QA_0217092009)
 CoLabel.pas            IDMLabel2 interface implemented
 CoPlot.pas             IDMPlot3 interface implemented
 CoMain.pas             1. IDMApplication3 interface implemented
                        2. 2 events added to IDMApplicationEvents

08.09.2009 14:14:38 Private build #352 check-in. a) ImportCommands works with toolbars in special windows (bugfix, just components are renamed); b) Settings from AppPropsDlg, ImportCommands and ImageList/DescExtension are read from HKLM; c) ImportCommandsAlways - change basic UI for scripter replacement in future. This build is just before idmxxx3!
 NotesWnd.pas           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
 NotesWnd.dfm           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
 SerieWnd.pas           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
 SerieWnd.dfm           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
 MainWnd.pas            1. ImportCommands constants replace numbers,
                        also HKLM registry key processed
                        2. FormCreate: HKLM registry key (QA_0108092009)
                        code refactored - 2 local procs isolated
                        3. procedure ImportCommandAlways (QA_0108022009)

 BrwsrWnd.dfm           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
 AppDlg.pas             Settings read from HKLM registry key (QA_0108092009)
 MainWnd.dfm            3 links to special windows actionbars changed
 BrwsrWnd.pas           ActionToolbar and event handler renamed
03.09.2009 18:37:26 Build #350 - new presentational graphics features
 LabelDlg.pas           BeforeDataCheckBox
 MainWnd.pas            OnGetLabelCoordinate event handler repair code
 LabelDlg.dfm           1) ScaleX modes added in combos (QA_0128072009)
                        2) BeforeDataCheckBox added (for QA_0115082009)

 DataWnd.dfm            OnGetLabelCoordinate event handler added
 DataWnd.pas            OnGetLabelCoordinate event handler added,
                        OnGetAxisLabel changed (QA_0128072009)

25.07.2009 3:21:20 New in beta version #348: a) support for new custom metabase providers b) changes due to new graphic engine features
 LabelDlg.pas           A lot of changes due to graphic engine
                        improvements in this version
                        1) Legend axes buttons (QA_0104052009)
                        2) Brush pattern controls (QA_0122072009)
                        3) New line styles

 LabelDlg.dfm           A lot of changes due to graphic engine
                        improvements in this version
                        1) Legend axes buttons (QA_0104052009)
                        2) Brush pattern controls (QA_0122072009)
                        3) New line styles

 SerieWnd.pas           1) Bugfix for series glyph for non-solid 
                        brushes (see QA_0122072009 for more details)
                        2) Limited point size to image height

 MainWnd.pas            1) ColumnLabelButton handler (QA_0212072009)
                        2) New proppage registration (QA_0215032009)

 DM2003.res             Build #348
 CoLabel.pas            1) Rectangle label can paste WMFs 
                        2) New label kinds may be assigned
                        See QA_0112072009 for more details

 AppDlg.pas             Changed method of creating file associations
                        (for custom metabase providers)

 DM2003.dof             New beta version #348
 CoMain.pas             1) PlotPointClick event bug (QA_0201032009)
                        2) Out of buffer in ShowHelp (QA_0114032009)

08.02.2009 0:35:15 Build #343: a couple of bugfixes
 DM2003.res             Build #343
 LabelDlg.pas           AlignmentListView position and size 
                        for large fonts (see QA_0103022009)

 CoPlot.pas             Print not launched unless Page Setup 
                        dialog not displayed (see QA_0102022009)

 DM2003.dof             Build #343
29.01.2009 1:12:10 New in build #342: new label coordinate model, worksheet expression copy, other Library improvements, + a couple of bugfixes
 LabelDlg.pas           X/Y radiogroups removed, AlignmentListView
                        added, + many other cahanges related to 
                        label interface changes. See QA_0221012009, 
                        QA_0218012009 and QA_0318012009 for details.

 LabelDlg.dfm           Dialog box seriously reconstructed
 WorksDlg.pas           Unit renamed HTMLDlg->HTextDlg
 LegendDlg.pas          QA_0118102008: HTML stripped from series title
 CoPlot.pas             Print job name added in DMPlot.Print()
 CoMain.pas             Unit renamed HTMLDlg->HTextDlg
 DM2003.res             New build #342
 DM2003.dof             New build #342
17.10.2008 0:51:28 In the build #335: 1. Customized plot legends (QA_0113092008) 2. Zeros in error bars (QA_0110092008)
 LabelDlg.pas           Custom Legend Editor dialog added
 LegendDlg.dfm          First file check-in
 LegendDlg.pas          First file check-in
 LabelDlg.dfm           1. Hint fixed
                        2. New button added

 DM2003.dof             Build #335
 DM2003.dpr             New LegendDlg.pas unit added
 DM2003.res             Build #335
05.09.2008 13:21:25 Changes in build #333 related to various improvements in DM2003 graphic engine.
 LabelDlg.dfm            A lot of changes related to new properties
 DM2003.res              New build #333
 MainWnd.pas             1. Errorbars support in ShiowSerieProperties() 
                        and WorksheetComboboxChange() procedures
                        2. OnGetAxisLabel fixed for old DFMs

 LabelDlg.pas            A lot of changes related to new properties
 DataWnd.dfm             New event handler added (OnGetAxisLabel)
 CoData.pas              In Clone member:
                        1. new plot properties copied
                        2. AreaBorders correction cycle

 DM2003.dof              New build #333
 DataWnd.pas             1. New OnGetAxisLabel event handler
                        In the PlotGetPoint:
                        2. Linked axis processed
                        3. LogTicks in functional series
                        (equal X coordinate grid)

30.07.2008 12:24:16 Build #316 - desktop path fix added
 MainWnd.pas            Desktop file paths now changed on load in order 
                        to allow proppage to display property page if DATA 
                        file was MOVED together with DMW.

 Strings.pas            New strDMWPathsFixed string
 AppDlg.dfm             Visual improvements added
 AppDlg.pas             Now system icon used for "security image"
15.06.2008 16:00:23 In build #315 (beta): a) formatted text in data windows and other UI b) Remote files for CommandImport, bugfixes
 MainWnd.pas            1. Rich text support - Series Properties 
                        dialog, VirtualListView seriecombo, hint
                        2. Downloading may be cancelled by ESC key
                        3. balloon DisplayMessage bugfix (QA_0131052008)
                        4. ReadAll - MakeHelpActionList and 
                        new MakeFullHelpActionList switches 
                        5. Command Import - remote INIs now supported

 LabelDlg.pas           HTMLText editor button and click handler
 SerieWnd.pas           Rich text (HTML) support in Series text and 
                        column labels

 WorksDlg.pas           1. HTML Text Editor button and click handler
                        2. Now LabelsStringGrid display rich text

 WorksDlg.dfm           1. LabelsStringGrid.OnDrawCell
                        2. HTMLTextBitBtn added
                        3. RowHeightSE hint added

 DM2003.dof             New build #315
 CoMain.pas             1. CreateDocument now supports URLs
                        2. HTML Text Editor dialog in ShowDialog

 DM2003.dpr             Now DM2003 exits automatically on 
                        MakeHelpActionList command line switch 

 LabelDlg.dfm           1. HTMLTextBitBtn added
                        2. plot preview margins?!!!

 DM2003.res             New build #315
11.05.2008 0:58:06 Beta build - first of 3xx. Several bugfixes and improvements. No new interfaces in this version!
 DM2003.res             New version
 DM2003.dof             1. "description" removed (dcc32)
                        2. new version

 DataWnd.pas            1. Expression cell color added
                        2. plot double buffering added

 WorksDlg.pas           1. Worksheet RowHeight now may be changed
                        2. Expression cells color may be defined

 WorksDlg.dfm           1. RowHeight spinedit and label added
                        2. New item in Radiogroup (Expressions)

 MainWnd.pas            1. DisplayMessage() in balloon added
                        2. CheckPlotScale bugfix (if Min>Max)
                        3. Hint in VirtualListAction improved
                        4. New DataForm properties in desktop

 CoLabel.pas            System color assignment bug fixed
 CoData.pas             Cell Expression color and RowHeight 
                        now copied in Clone method

 CoAxis.pas             System color assignment bug fixed
 CoSerie.pas            System color assignment bug fixed
 CoPlot.pas             System color assignment bug fixed
 CoMain.pas             1. ShowDialog "aboutbox", "precision" added
                        2. Parse now supports scalar number as
                        Arguments parameter
                        3. ShowHelp now supports URLs outside dm2003.chm

06.04.2007 18:31:57 Build #295 Enumeration objects bugfix minor improvements of Help
 CoPlot.pas             Enumeration bugfix (see enum.pas)
 Enum.pas               Now we use TInterfacedObject. Previous version
                        has memory leaks (see [test]\enumleaktest??.vbs)
                        because ContainedObjects are not destroyed 
                        after use in for..each cycles (they use 
                        refcount of their Controller)

 MainWnd.pas            1. focus bugs in [?] help on MSIE4
                        2. GetDesktopWindow instead of 0
                        (seems no real changes)

 CoCont.pas             Enumeration bugfix (see enum.pas)
 CoLabels.pas           Enumeration bugfix (see enum.pas)
 CoMain.pas             ShowHelp() can display any help file
                        (now actually not used in DM2003)

28.01.2007 13:58:31 Build #286
 DM2003.res             New build #286
 UrlDlg.dfm             First file check-in
 UrlDlg.pas             First file check-in
 DM2003.dpr             New unit UrlDlg.pas added
 BrwsrWnd.pas           MSIE7 bugfix: object caching feature
 CoMain.pas             File Properties dialog changed:
                        1) support for URL property page
                        2) InitializeFileName member
                        3) Only general page if no metabase
                        (instead of error message)

 DM2003.dof             New build #286
07.01.2007 19:59:46 Build #285
 SerieWnd.pas           Now hidden series have grayed icons
 Strings.pas            New strGetPointError string added
 CoSerie.pas            Now GetPoint raises exception to inform
                        caller about errors (all exceptions are 
                        swallowed in VCL)

 DMRes.RES              Updated resources
13.06.2006 23:39:19 Build #254 Enhanced processing of URLs as filenames
 MainWnd.pas            1. Statusline correctly displays filename 
                        which is actually URL (ShortContainerName)
                        2. ReOpen menu displays correct INI file
                        extension instead of hardcoded TXT
                        (now read from MetaBase registry key)
                        3. DescExtension also corrected in 
                        Open/SaveAs dialog boxes type filter
                        4. Reading desktop now clears Notes filename
                        (more consistent behavior!)

 NotesWnd.pas           UpdateCaption made PUBLIC
                        (called from MainForm)

 CoCont.pas             Now DMContainer.Filename contains valid URL
                        (early it was only extracted filename part)
                        The same value assigned to window caption 

 DataWnd.pas            Disk file existence checked in CloseQuiery
                        (need for URLs, also for invalid filenames)
                        Now an attempt to save data into invalid 
                        file will force "Save As" dialog box
                        instead of saving to undefined directory

10.05.2006 2:23:40 Build #242
 DataWnd.pas            1. performance optimization (Modified)
                        2. NUM and ABSNUM in series expressions

 MainWnd.pas            NUM and ABSNUM in series expressions
 CoMain.pas             Added string argument in Parse()
 CoSerie.pas            AddPoint() performance optimization
26.03.2006 1:19:35 ShowDialog() in CoMain tweaks
 CoMain.pas             SelectDirectory dialog and get form 
                        visibility features in ShowDialog()

26.02.2006 20:54:45 Build #240
 NotesWnd.pas           CheckLNK added in wmDropFiles handler
 MainWnd.pas            CheckLNK method - resolve shell links when
                        drop files onto DM2003 windows
                        DateTimeFormatHelpLabel.OnClick handler
                        UpdateSerieList bufferization in OnIdle
                        Read/Write date/time format and column
                        expressions in the desktop files 

 DataWnd.pas            Several changes to support date/time
                        format and column expressions
                        UpdateSerieList bufferized in SetLabel

 SerieWnd.pas           MoveSeries used in ListViewDragDrop
                        now series are moved, not swapped

 WorksDlg.pas           A lot of changes - support for Date/Time format
 WorksDlg.dfm           A lot of changes - support for Date/Time format
 Strings.pas            New strings for worksheet added
 CoMain.pas             DateTime help label OnClick assigned
                        (worksheet and axis properties dialogs)

 CoData.pas             Plot property (to expose MoveSeries)
                        Date/Time and expressions cloned

 CoAxis.pas             Date/Time Axis format support (set/get)
 CoPlot.pas             MoveSeries() for Paste and drag-n-drop
                        PasteFromClipboard now INSERTS series
                        at the position of ThisSerie

 DataWnd.dfm            OnGetCellText handler added
                        (Column expression support)

 CoWks.pas              Date/Time format support (set/get)
 CoSerie.pas            UpdateSerieList refresh optimization
                        Many setters modified to boost speed

22.02.2006 15:31:48 Build #235
 FileDlg.pas            ShortFilename on NTFS issue (system 'bug')
 DMRes.RES              Build #235
 MainWnd.pas            New DownloadFileToStream method added
                        ReadDesktop now recognizes URLs

 Strings.pas            New URL-related strings added
 NotesWnd.pas           URLs support in TNotesForm.LoadFile added
 BrwsrWnd.dfm           Document title in Browser window caption
 BrwsrDlg.pas           Critical bugfix: event handlers cause crash 
                        if invoked just after modal html dialog close

 BrwsrWnd.pas           Document title in Browser window caption
                        'about:xxxxxx' urls handling added

 DMRes.rc               Resources for 'about:xxx' page
 CoCont.pas             URLs support in TDMContainer.Load added
09.02.2006 16:08:10 Build #230
 MainWnd.pas            Two actions changed:
                        Differentiation -> Parabolic diff
                        Smooth -> Smooth and differentiation
                        New config.bin signature

 Strings.pas            New strFileTypeWarning added
 MainWnd.dfm            Two actions changed:
                        Differentiation -> Parabolic diff
                        Smooth -> Smooth and differentiation

 AppDlg.dfm             Changes on File Types page: new
                        infoimage and infolabel controls,
                        hints and layout updated

 AppDlg.pas             New infoimage and infolabel controls,
                        DeleteFile now disabled correctly
                        File type existence checked on addition

12.12.2005 19:26:50 Build #223
 MainWnd.pas            Functional keys handling in TDMWebBrowser moved 
                        to ApplicationEventsMessage (ENTER key bugfix)

 CoMain.pas             Duplicated condition (useless) in LMFit removed
 BrwsrWnd.pas           Another problem with large font mode 
                        have been fixed (statusbar)

29.08.2005 16:42:11 Build #222
 MainWnd.pas            Statusbar Panel order (new series panel) and
                        a lot of related changes (OnDrawpanel etc)
                        New method of closing MDI children (OnClose)

 SerieWnd.pas           Update code for Series status panel
 MainWnd.dfm            New Series statusbar panel
                        Progressbar position corrected

 CoMain.pas             New method of refresh of Monitor status indication
 DataWnd.pas            Statusbar Panel order (new series panel)
10.08.2005 19:24:41 Build #220
 MainWnd.pas            InitDataForm - d'n'd and reopen use templates
 MainWnd.dfm            Height increased to display Welcome page fully!
 AppDlg.pas             InitDataForm - now d'n'd and reopen use data file 
                        FreeLibrary call added in InternetOptions handler 

18.07.2005 14:51:46 Build #206
 MainWnd.dfm            Form size reduced to prevent disappearance 
                        of MDI buttons in large font mode.
                        Sizes of many components changed.

 BrwsrWnd.pas           Support for EMs in 
added (now we use pixelWidth instead of Width) Splash.dfm Form improved in large font mode MainWnd.pas Correct ProgressBar size for large font mode AppDlg.dfm Form correctly scaled (Scaled=true) ActDlg.dfm Form correctly scaled (Scaled=true) BrwsrDlg.pas Support for EMs in added (now we use pixelWidth instead of Width) BrwsrDlg.dfm Form correctly scaled (Scaled=true)
30.06.2005 17:31:39 Initialization Error on MSIE5
 CoMain.pas             Initialization Error on MSIE5
11.06.2005 23:17:51 Build #203
 MainWnd.pas            ImportCommands bugfix (break removed)
10.06.2005 18:39:52 Build #203
 CoSerie.pas            Clipboard clear on Paste
 CoWks.pas              Clipboard clear on Paste
 CoPlot.pas             Clipboard clear on Paste
 BrwsrWnd.pas           Problems with progressbar and redocking fixed
 CoLabel.pas            Clipboard clear on Paste
27.03.2005 16:12:05 Build #202
 MainWnd.dfm            Constraints added to fix statusline+splitter bug
 MainWnd.pas            Bugfix in ReadToolBarsAndDocks (invalid 
                        Decimal separator TODO

 DM2003.dof             Build #202
 DM2003.res             Build #202
23.01.2005 20:03:36 Build #200
 DM2003.res             Build #200
 MainWnd.pas            1. Applicationeventmessage - bugfix (menus)
                        2. set focus for MDI windows
                        3. doWelcome - refactored

 NotesWnd.dfm           Hideselection=false added
 BrwsrWnd.pas           Added navigate(about:blank) in OnCreate
 CoMain.pas             ShowDialog(true) for Notes,browser and series 
                        mgr now activates and focuses the form

 DM2003.dof             Build #200
20.12.2004 0:41:47 Bugfixes
 MainWnd.pas            Now exit crash bugfix works if 
                        settings are not saved on exit

 DataWnd.pas            Modified window correctly saved on exit
19.12.2004 1:14:24 Build #198
 MainWnd.pas            Exit crash bugfix (possible?)
                        F1 context help in all menus
                        HelpBtn code refactored

 DM2003.res             Build #198
 DM2003.dof             Build #198
13.12.2004 2:49:09 Build #197
 DM2003.tlb             OnPlotClickEvent parameters order corrected
 DM2003.res             Build #197
 MainWnd.pas            Menu background (1st items bugfix)
                        Fixed Unused items color
                        New layout file signature (bkg!)

 MainWnd.dfm            Menu background (1st items bugfix)
 DM_TLB.pas             OnPlotClickEvent parameters order corrected
 CoMain.pas             Multiple event sinks now allowed
 DM2003.idl             OnPlotClickEvent parameters order corrected
 DM2003.dof             Build #197
28.11.2004 19:25:57 Build #195 (Release)
 MainWnd.pas            LineFitAction added, config.bin signature changed
 MainWnd.dfm            LineFitAction added
 Splash.pas             Mutex name changed
 SerieWnd.dfm           Caption changed
 DM2003.res             New build #195
 CoData.pas             Plot labels now also cloned (bugfix)
 AppDlg.dfm             Enable browser drag-n-drop is OFF by default
 DM2003.dof             New build #195
 DataWnd.pas            Correctly process expressions with a..z 
                        (critical bugfix, but affects only display)

14.10.2004 20:39:54 Build #191 (RC 1.05)
 MainWnd.dfm            Added Save command on Notes toolbar
 DM2003.res             Build #191
 DM2003.dof             Build #191
11.10.2004 2:38:47 Build #190 (RC1.04)
 MainWnd.pas            ImportCommands feature improved
 Strings.pas            Unnecessary string removed
 DM2003.dof             Build #190
 DM2003.res             Build #190
10.10.2004 18:05:34 FindMenu procedures added (menu search made more reliable)
 Strings.pas            changes for TMainForm.FindMenu
 MainWnd.pas            FindMenu procedures added (used to find Window 
                        and Reopen menus and in ImportCommands)

31.08.2004 23:56:10 Build #189
 MainWnd.pas            Build #189
25.08.2004 23:10:46 Build #188 (RC1.01)
 MainWnd.pas            New PlotDataWizardAction added
 Strings.pas            Series title changed
 MainWnd.dfm            New action and menu item - PlotDataWizard
 CoPlot.pas             TDMPlot.Set_SerieIndex bugfix
 DataWnd.dfm            Series title changed
15.08.2004 14:41:37 Build #185 (release candidate)
 DMRes.rc               New label edit mode cursor added
 DMRes.RES              New label edit mode cursor added              New label edit mode cursor added
 DM2003.res             Build #185
 DM2003.tlb             Two label coclasses and 1 enum added
                        Two enums modified, plot coclass also
                        modified for label support

 MainWnd.pas            SelectLines->clearserieitem, new label actions 
                        new cursor (label edit), AddParserObject bugfix 

 SerieWnd.pas           Correct legend painting (transparent dashes)
 MainWnd.dfm            New plot actions added in the view submenu, label 
                        props action
                        SelectLines item removed from View menu
                        PlotCalculator toolbutton replaced with LabelEdit
                        Serie catname -> series, Plot Labels category 
                        ImageList and XPColorMap changes (because saved 
                        on L3C)
                        ContextLabelPropertiesAction added
                        Plot context menu: clearserie->selectlines

 LabelDlg.dfm           First file check-in
 LabelDlg.pas           First file check-in
 DM2003.idl             Two label coclasses and 1 enum added
                        Two enums modified, plot coclass also
                        modified for label support

 CoPlot.pas             Added FLabels - plot labels collection
                        Added Paste/CanPaste support
                        Get_CurrentSerie bugfix

 CoSerie.pas            no changes
 CoMain.pas             Added label properties dialog
 CoLabel.pas            First file check-in
 CoLabels.pas           First file check-in
 DM2003.dof             Build #185
 DM2003.dpr             3 new units added for plot label support
 DM_TLB.pas             Two label coclasses and 1 enum added
                        Two enums modified, plot coclass also
                        modified for label support

 DataWnd.dfm            Labels collection (empty)
 DataWnd.pas            PlotMouse event handlers redesigned for label 

11.07.2004 1:39:50 Property page transparency on XP
 FileDlg.dfm            Scaled = false
 FileDlg.pas            Property page made transparent as in proppage
 DMRes.RES              Resource for transparent dialog
 CoMain.pas             Select special resource on XP for
                        property page transparency

 DMRes.rc               Resource for transparent dialog
01.07.2004 19:42:24 Build # 165 (beta 2)
 MainWnd.pas            xTranslate added, Navigate wait cycles in OnClose
                        commented (close hang bugfix), Welcome page 
                        navigation wait cycles added (also bugfix)

 DM2003.res             Build # 165
 SerieWnd.dfm           Drag-n-drop support added
 Strings.pas            New string (plot error)
 SerieWnd.pas           Drag-n-drop support added
 DM2003.dof             Build # 165
 CoData.pas             Secondary axes Cloned (bugfix)
 BrwsrDlg.pas           Navigate wait cycles commented
 CoPlot.pas             SwapSeries: idx=idx2 checked
 DataWnd.pas            PlotError now displays window caption
                        Drag-and-Drop series support added

 DataWnd.dfm            OnDragOver and OnDragDrop handlers added
16.06.2004 23:11:11 Build # 158
 DM2003.idl             IDMPlot2.Objects member added (stub only)
 DM2003.res             Build # 158
 DM2003.dof             Build # 158 - remarkable tweaks
 DM_TLB.pas             IDMPlot2.Objects member added (stub only)
 DM2003.cfg             Build # 158 - paths corrected
 SerieWnd.dfm           Caption changed
 Splash.pas             Timer event bugfix
 MainWnd.pas            AppActivate handler (XP lock/../ bugfix), 1st 
                        start itemimage bugfix,
                        AppData folder by default, modeless dialogs event 
                        support, AppEventsMessage
                        bugfix (temp. browser activation), welcome screen 
                        (key changed) 

 DM2003.tlb             IDMPlot2.Objects member added (stub only)
 MainWnd.dfm            Shortcuts, AppActivate event for 
                        lock/standby/hibernate bugfix

 BrwsrDlg.dfm           OnCreate/OnDestroy handlers
 BrwsrDlg.pas           OnCreate/OnDestroy handlers (for list), event 
                        modeless dialogs support (a lot of code added)

 AppDlg.pas             Controls rearranged, scripter page bugfix 
                        NT hint label visibility now checked

 ActDlg.dfm             [?] help added
 AppDlg.dfm             Many changes, form view improved
 CustWnd.dfm            [?] help added
 DataWnd.pas            Modeless dialogs event support
 CoPlot.pas             Objects stub added
 CoCont.pas             Modeless dialogs event support
 CoData.pas             Modeless dialogs event support, maximize bugfix
07.06.2012 2:35:24 Build #433 - support for large fonts mode added to some dialog boxes. Just change a copuple of properties in DFMs.
 DMEditor.res           Build #433
 ExportDlg.dfm          Now dialog box scaling is enabled
 DMEditor.dof           Build #433
 DeviceDlg.dfm          Now dialog box scaling is enabled
 DispatchDlg.dfm        Now dialog box scaling is enabled
14.05.2012 22:20:01 Small improvement related to QA_0113052012. On MSIE9, page size cannot be determined because unit length was missed in almost all HTML used in DM2003, including templates.
 HTMLDlg.dfm            HTML page size error under MSIE9 bug
 HTMLDlg.pas            HTML page size error under MSIE9 bug
 DMEditor.res           New build #432
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           HTML page size error under MSIE9 bug
 DMEditor.dof           New build #432
11.04.2011 22:20:51 Little change related to the user and company names remembered at registration
 EditWnd.pas            New registration key
24.02.2011 23:24:58 In build #400 (beta) - significantly improved Code Completion feature, also XML syntax added.
 EditWnd.dfm            New controls for AutoComplete and XML support,
                        OnDropFiles event, now DEL key works in editor
                        (conflicted menu shortcuts changed).

 EditorDlg.pas          Auto Complete support added
 NewDlg.dfm             New icon added for XML file
 EditWnd.pas            1. XML syntax highlighter (QA_0120022011)
                        2. Auto Complete support added
                        3. QA_0620022011 - changes for new CC
                        4. Now Script Editor can be a drop target

 DMEditor.dof           Build #400 beta
 CC.pas                 Unit almost completely redesigned (QA_0620022011)
 EditorDlg.dfm          Controls (new page) for Auto Complete added
 DMEditor.res           Build #400 beta
18.06.2010 15:19:32 Bugfix for W7 compatibility added
 EditWnd.pas            QA_0115062010 bug fixed (creeping coolbands)
 DMEditor.res           Build #386
 DMEditor.dof           Build #386
01.10.2009 21:16:57 Little changes for compatibility with DM2003 TLB version 3.0
 DMEditor.res           Build #360
 DMEditor.dof           Build #360
 CC.pas                 Changed hard-coded interface GUIDs to IDMxxx3
19.03.2009 3:20:12 Build #345 (private) Support for MetaBaseProgID registry key and MetaBase dispatch class in WEB Index feature
 HTMLDlg.dfm            WebIndexPageProducer strings changed.
                        Now this feature supports MB class.

 HTMLDlg.pas            Support for MetaBaseProgID registry key
 Editor.pas             Interface: variant->OleVariant (QA_0101032009)
 EditWnd.pas            Support for MetaBaseProgID registry key
08.02.2009 0:42:02 Bugfix (see QA_0203022009)
 NewDlg.dfm             Scaled=false again!!!
29.01.2009 1:25:24 Build #342: Rich text in DAQ wizard and 1 small bugfix in DMDAQDlg
 DMEditor.dof           New build #342
 DMEditor.res           New build #342
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           1. Added break after Scriptlet (force wrap)
                        2. added button to call HTMLText dialog box

 DMDAQDlg.pas           QA_0131122008: Rich text in DAQ wizard
                        Added ability to enter HTML-encoded text
                        in column captions

11.05.2008 1:28:25 Several improvements in version
 DMEditor.dof           1. search path (cportlibx)
                        2. new version
                        3. EXE description removed (dcc32)

 DMEditor.res           New version
 HTMLDlg.dfm            Error handler added in the Browser App template
 ActiveXDlg.pas         Support for CPortLib2 added
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           Two improvements in scanner templates:
                        1. NewSeries now can ADD series 
                        2. can correctly start from scanning 
                        range limits if Stop conditions defined

 DMEditor.cfg           New path to cportlibx project added
06.04.2007 19:18:04 Build #295
 EditWnd.dfm            1. INI filter in open/save dialogs added
                        2. INI synedithighlighter added

 EditWnd.pas            1. INI syntax highlight added
                        2. DLL Wizard and new ini support

 DMEditor.dpr           New DLLDlg unit added
 DMEditor.res           New build (290!)
 NewDlg.dfm             1. OK button enabled if item selected
                        2. New items - INI and DLL Wizard

 NewDlg.pas             OK button enabled if item selected
 HTMLDlg.dfm            DescExt for Web Index now read from registry
 HTMLDlg.pas            1. DescExt for Web Index now read from registry
                        2. Bugfix: user forced to select some files
                        3. Form may be cancelled even if wrong input

 DMEditor.dof           1. reference to proppage (descext!)
                        2. new build number

 DeviceDlg.dfm          Scrollbar added to INITMemo
 DLLDlg.dfm             First file check-in
 ChTestDlg.dfm          Form slightly improved (vscrollbar)
 ChTestDlg.pas          Now form size set correctly
                        (width as defined, height - scroll)

 DMDAQDlg.pas           1. scanner channel support (scanchannel)
                        2. scan/comm checkboxes may be disabled

 DMEditor.cfg           reference to proppage (descext!)
 DLLDlg.pas             First file check-in
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           1. Scan channel controls (and templates)
                        2. Help link and trigger timeout check
                        in DAQ application templates

28.01.2007 14:10:07 Build #286
 HTMLDlg.dfm            New application type - Web Index
 HTMLDlg.pas            New application type - Web Index
 DMEditor.res           New build #286
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           Templates budfixed:
                        1) NewSeries_onclick instead of onclick="..."
                        2) DeltaRelRB.checked & vbCrLf
                        3) nextserie.gif instead of recserie.gif

 DMEditor.dof           New build #286
18.10.2006 1:32:41 Build #275 - DMDAQ components
 DMEditor.res           Build #275
 DMEditor.dpr           Two new units added
 EditWnd.dfm            DMDAQAction and menu items added
                        Saved on SM -> changed form height

 NewDlg.dfm             New DMDAQ item added to the listview
 EditWnd.pas            Added new DMDAQ action and menu item
 ChTestDlg.pas          First check-in
 ChTestDlg.dfm          First check-in
 DMDAQDlg.dfm           First check-in
 DMEditor.dof           Build #275
 DMDAQDlg.pas           First check-in
18.10.2006 1:20:32 Support for device drivers + some minor changes PRIOR to build #275
 ExportDlg.dfm          PrevBtn caption changed
 HTMLDlg.dfm            Support for device drivers
 HTMLDlg.pas            Support for device drivers
 DMEditor.dpr           New ExportDlg unit
 ActiveXDlg.dfm         PrevBtn caption changed
 DeviceDlg.dfm          Support for device drivers +
                        many minor changes

 DeviceDlg.pas          Support for device drivers
14.06.2006 0:53:32 Build #254 1. New ActiveX object wizard 2. Completion proposal feature 3. Enhancements in Data Acquisition wizard
 EditorDlg.pas          CodeCompletionCheckbox added 
                        (+ appropriate code in Execute)

 EditWnd.dfm            SynCompletionProposal component, action 
                        and menu item for ActiveX wizard, new images

 DMEditor.res           Build #254
 EditorDlg.dfm          CodeCompletionCheckbox added,
                        controls rearranged

 TypeLibDlg.dfm         First file check-in
 TypeLibDlg.pas         First file check-in
 EditWnd.pas            SynCompletionProposal component, action 
                        and menu item for ActiveX wizard

 HTMLDlg.dfm            Language settings warning added to
                        the pageproducer html code

 DMEditor.dpr           3 new units added
 CC.pas                 First file check-in
 DeviceDlg.dfm          1. New page and several controls were added
                        2. script code in pageproducers was changed

 ActiveXDlg.dfm         First file check-in
 ActiveXDlg.pas         First file check-in
 DMEditor.cfg           New directories
 DMEditor.dof           New directories
 DeviceDlg.pas          1. new controls for code options page
                        2. CheckNumeric, UseTimer, DateTime, 
                        DecimalSeparator code enhancements

 DispatchDlg.pas        1. GetVarType functions made unit-interfaced
                        2. _NewEnum not displayed in the methods combo

22.02.2006 15:35:28 Build #235
 ExportDlg.dfm          First check-in
 ExportDlg.pas          First check-in
 EditWnd.dfm            OpenURL and Export actions & menu items
                        RTF and HTML exporters for synedit

 EditWnd.pas            Several changes related to OpenURL
                        support (load files over http/ftp)
                        HTML and RTF export feature implemented

10.08.2005 19:37:07 Build #220
 HTMLDlg.dfm            px->pt
18.07.2005 14:57:34 Build #206
 EditorDlg.dfm          Form now correctly scaled
 HTMLDlg.dfm            Form now correctly scaled in large font mode
                        Size and positions of many controls changed

 ActionDlg.dfm          Form now correctly scaled
 DeviceDlg.dfm          Form now correctly scaled in large font mode
                        Size and positions of many controls changed

10.06.2005 18:42:36 Build #203
 DeviceDlg.dfm          Polling period in seconds
08.04.2005 20:55:07 DAQ Wizard in build #202
 DMEditor.res           Build #202
 DMEditor.dpr           DeviceDlg added to project
 EditWnd.pas            Initializes User Name
 HTMLDlg.pas            DAQ wizard, User Name, Buttons in dialog mode
 HTMLDlg.dfm            New picture + cosmetic changes
 DeviceDlg.dfm          First file check-in
 ActionDlg.pas          Fix bug if no language selected
 DeviceDlg.pas          First file check-in
 DMEditor.dof           Build #202
 DMEditor.cfg           Build #202 (cportlib!)
23.01.2005 20:12:09 Build #200 Syntax highlight feature added
 EditWnd.pas            A lot of new code (synedit)
 EditWnd.dfm            New actions, synedit instead of memo, etc.
 EditorDlg.pas          First file check-in
 HTMLDlg.dfm            First file check-in
 NewDlg.pas             First file check-in
 NewDlg.dfm             First file check-in
 HTMLDlg.pas            First file check-in
 DMEditor.cfg           Build #200
 DispatchDlg.dfm        Position, scaled and image changed
 ActionDlg.pas          Memo replaced by synedit
 DMEditor.dof           Build #200
 EditorDlg.dfm          First file check-in
 DMEditor.res           Build #200
 DMEditor.dpr           3 new dialogs added
19.12.2004 1:16:29 Build #198
 EditWnd.dfm            Added labels bitmaps dropped when
                        bitmap was copied from 24bpp version

 DMEditor.res           Build #198
 DMEditor.dof           Build #198
28.11.2004 19:33:31 Build #195 (Release)
 EditWnd.dfm            Memo and dialog fonts synchronized, BrowseAction 
                        imagelist changes (24 bits)

 EditWnd.pas            BrowseAction (and menu item) added,
                        About box display file description

 DMEditor.dof           New build #195
 DMEditor.res           New build #195
15.08.2004 15:09:22 Build #185 (release candidate)
 EditWnd.dfm            HideSelection (needed for Find), new images
 EditWnd.pas            oneliner for displatchactionexecute dropped by 
                        changes needed for label support (new treeview 

 DMEditor.dof           Build #185 (release candidate)
 DMEditor.res           Build #185
11.07.2004 1:42:28 Build # 167 (2 bugfixes)
 EditWnd.dfm            OnKeyDown handler (Alt-AV bugfix)
 EditWnd.pas            OnKeyDown handler (Alt-AV bugfix)
                        ReadRegistry bugfix (error msg in cycle)

 DMEditor.dof           Build # 167
 DMEditor.res           Build # 167
16.06.2004 23:17:38 Build # 158
 DMEditor.res           Build # 158
 DMEditor.dof           Build # 158
 DMEditor.cfg           Build # 158

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dmforms -

07.02.2012 20:36:52 Build #420: new DMAppHelper coclass added (see QA_0102022012 for more information).
 DMForms.res            Build #420
 DMForms.tlb            New DMAppHelper coclass added
 DMForms_TLB.pas        New DMAppHelper coclass added
 DMForms.idl            New DMAppHelper coclass added
 CoAppHelper.pas        First file check-in
 DMForms.dof            Build #420
 DMForms.dpr            New CoAppHelper.pas unit added
11.04.2011 20:05:16 Build #407 - support PNG and GIF in digitizer
 DMForms.res            Build #407
 XDigitizer.pas         QA_0218032011 - support PNG and GIF in digitizer
 DMForms.cfg            Build #407
 DMForms.dof            Build #407
30.11.2009 1:38:24 Very crafty "sleeping bug" discovered and fixed. See QA_0129112009 for more details.
 DMForms_TLB.pas        DM2003.TLB version change
 DMForms.tlb            DM2003.TLB version change
15.06.2008 16:06:37 New in build #315: added support for Async Write mode
 DMForms.res            New build #315
 XTerminal.pas          Support for Async Write mode
 CoRS232.pas            Support for Async Write mode
 DMForms.dof            New build #315
11.05.2008 2:05:28 Version
 DMForms.res            New version
 DMForms.dof            Version
                        EXE description removed (dcc32)

 CoDLLHelper.pas        DMDLLHelper now supports online INIs
06.04.2007 21:03:41 Build #295 (DLL Helper)
 DMForms.res            New build (290!)
 DMForms.tlb            New DLLHelper object added 
                        (coclass and interface)

 DMForms_TLB.pas        New DLLHelper object added 
                        (coclass and interface)

 DMForms.idl            New DLLHelper object added 
                        (coclass and interface)

 CoDLLHelper.pas        First file check-in
 DMForms.dof            New build (290!)
 DMForms.dpr            New unit (CoDLLHelper.pas) added
28.01.2007 14:14:58 Build #286
 CoINIFile.pas          Support for URLs (DMWebINIFile)
07.01.2007 20:07:30 Build #285
 CoRS232.pas            Multiple event sinks added for compatibility 
                        with .Net platform

10.05.2006 2:28:06 Build #242
 CoSocket.pas           Binary mode added
                        Read returns error message

18.07.2005 14:58:50 Build #206
 CoRegistry.pas         Fixed critical bug in DMRegistry coclass
23.01.2005 20:16:20 Build #200 Added DMTimer object DMRegistry object modified
 DMForms.res            Build #200
 DMForms.idl            Added Timer object
 DMForms_TLB.pas        Added Timer object
 DMForms.tlb            Added Timer object
 CoTimer.pas            First file check-in
 CoRegistry.pas         HKLM\Software\RRR key now accessible
 DMForms.dpr            New CoTimer unit added
 DMForms.dof            Build #200
28.11.2004 19:34:39 Build #195 (Release)
 DMForms.res            New build #195
 DMForms.dof            New build #195
11.07.2004 1:54:53 Build # 166 (CoIEEE488 moved to Devices)
 DMForms.res            Build # 166
 DMForms.tlb            CoIEEE488 moved to Devices
 DMForms_TLB.pas        CoIEEE488 moved to Devices
 DMForms.idl            CoIEEE488 moved to Devices + older changes in TLB
 DMForms.dof            Build # 166
 DMForms.dpr            CoIEEE488 moved to Devices
01.07.2004 19:45:11 Build # 165 (beta 2)
 DMForms.res            Build # 165
 XTerminal.pas          Binary mode support added + minor improvements
 CoRS232.pas            Binary mode support added + minor improvements
 DMForms.dof            Build # 165
16.06.2004 23:19:14 Build # 158
 DMForms.res            Build # 158
 XTerminal.pas          Binary mode implemented
 DMForms.dof            Build # 158
 CoRS232.pas            Binary mode implemented
 DMForms.cfg            Build # 158
16.06.2004 22:23:48 Build #154(before implementation of binary mode)
 DMForms.tlb            IDMIOPort/ IDMIOPortEvents parameters replaced 
                        with variants for binary mode support

 DMForms.res            Build #154(before implementation of binary mode)
 XTerminal.pas          Binary mode support (interface only)
 DMForms_TLB.pas        IDMIOPort/ IDMIOPortEvents parameters replaced 
                        with variants for binary mode support

 CoRS232.pas            Binary mode support (interface only)
 CoIEEE488.pas          Binary mode support (interface only)
 DMForms.dof            Build #154(before implementation of binary mode)
 CoSocket.pas           Binary mode support (interface only)

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dmmath -

06.01.2012 23:39:54 New in Build #413: 1. Unicode support 2. Added FFT functions             1. Unicode support 2. Added FFT functions
 DMMath.res             Build #413
 Wrapper.pas            Added FFTForward and FFTInverse functions
 DMMath.cfg             Build #413
 DMMath.dof             Build #413
 DMMath.dpr             Added FFT
04.09.2009 14:34:58 In build #350: problem with minimal number of data poinst fixed (see QA_0107062009 for details)
 Wrapper.pas            in LMNLSF and LMNLSFEX, minimal number of data
                        points set to numpars+1 instead of 2*numpars

 DMMath.res             Build #350
 DMMath.dof             Build #350
11.05.2008 2:15:09 New in version 1. support for doubles in NLSF 2. parser object buffers enlarged
 LMFit.pas              Added support for doubles
 Parser.pas             Added support for doubles
 Wrapper.pas            1. Float type used in Linear fitter functions
                        2. Doubles support for LM fitter functions
                        3. Now it is possible to add many parser objects

 DMMath.dof             EXE description removed (dcc32)
                        New version             Now Float type in LinearFit may be changed
 DMMath.res             New version
07.01.2007 20:11:45 Build #285
 Parser.pas             Bugfix: raise exception in addobject
 Wrapper.pas            New exported function NLSFParse needed 
                        for parsing expressions with CXn parameters

 DMMath.dpr             New exported function NLSFParse             New exported function NLSFParse
18.12.2005 0:40:31 Build #226
 Wrapper.pas            Added TBasis callback support for linear fitter; 
                        Fit parameter in LinearFitEx changed to pointer             Added TBasis callback type and constant 
                        for linear fitter 

12.12.2005 19:33:52 Build #223
 Wrapper.pas            New function LinearFitEx added (arbitrary
                        expression-defined basis terms)             New function LinearFitEx exported
 DMMath.dpr             New function LinearFitEx exported
10.06.2005 18:48:15 Build #203
 Wrapper.pas            Bugfix in FixDecimalChar
01.04.2005 1:52:40 Build #202 - Decimal separator bugfix
 Wrapper.pas            Decimal separator bugfix
 DMMath.res             Build #202
 DMMath.dof             Build #202
28.11.2004 19:35:59 Build #195 (Release)
 DMMath.res             New build #195
 DMMath.dof             New build #195
16.06.2004 23:19:36 Build # 158
 DMMath.res             Build # 158
 DMMath.dof             Build # 158
 DMMath.cfg             Build # 158

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library -

06.01.2012 23:13:13 Support of label area borders (QA_0107122011) and some minor bugfixes in Build #414
 DMPlotEdit.pas         Support of label area borders (QA_0107122011)
 SerieDlg.pas           Support of label area borders (QA_0107122011)
 DMHTMLText.pas         Bugfix (see QA_0128062011 for details)
 DMPlot.pas             1. Support of label area borders (QA_0107122011)
                        2. Bugfix in Zoom (QA_0111122011)

11.05.2011 1:28:07 New in build #412: finished Unicode migration (QA_0101052011) and a bugfix QA_0126042011 (FixupPen in TSerie.AddPoint).
 DMWorksheet.pas        PasteFromClipboard fix (QA_0101052011)
 HTextDlg.pas           Unicode migration (QA_0101052011)
                        UnicodeFontName global var added

 DMPlot.pas             1. Unicode migration (QA_0101052011)
                        2. Bugfix (QA_0126042011) in TSerie.AddPoint

 DMPlotEdit.pas         Unicode migration (QA_0101052011)
11.04.2011 20:57:09 Build #407 - now labels may paste pictures directly from Acrobat Reader as bitmaps
 DMPlot.pas             QA_0118032011 - paste BMPs into labels
24.02.2011 23:10:57 In the build #400 full support for thick dashed lines was implemented (display/copy/print/save). Notice that one should paste plots as EMFs, not as a "pictures" - otherwise dashed lines may be displayed as solid when you enlarge the picture. Also now plot page copied as BMP, with correct background color (which is not included in EMF). Notice that Paint (and other pixel graphics software) sometimes incorrectly transformed EMF into BMP (e.g. vertical greek letters do not displayed properly), now everything is safe.
 SerieDlg.pas           Thick dashed line preview (QA_0115072009)
 DMPlot.pas             1. Thick dashed line support (see QA_0115072009)
                        2. QA_0123022011 - now rectangular labels copy
                        and paste EMF (if any).
                        3. When WMF is saved, description is written 
                        in the file
                        4. Plot copies page as WMF AND BMP

11.02.2011 22:21:55 Build #394 - improved date/time support and a couple of bugs fixed
 DMPlot.pas             QA_0109072010 - bugfix in series cache handling
                        QA_0123012011 - bugfix in label PinMode setters
                        QA_0121012011 - better date/time support

 AxisDlg.pas            QA_0120062010 - better date/time support
11.06.2010 14:21:46 Another couple of changes for build #386
 DMPlot.pas             1. public TPlotLabel.Metafile added
                           (change required by QA_0114022010)
                        2. now TAxis datatime format may be 
                           correctly assigned (QA_0107062010)

28.05.2010 2:24:37 A couple of bugfixes in the build #386
 DMPlot.pas             1. QA_0101022010 - IsCacheEnabled
                        2. QA_0114012010 - Point Editor

10.01.2010 22:13:00 Several bugfixes and improvements
 DMPlot.pas             1. Label text alignment bug (QA_0207012010)
                        2. Leader clipping bug fix (QA_0307012010)
                        3. Point editor modes (QA_0114062009)
                        4. QA_0104092009 - XScale warning message

 AxisDlg.pas            QA_0107012010 axis properties dialog bug fix
06.12.2009 19:11:50 Build #361 - new axis grid attributes and painting performance improvements
 DM2003.res             Build #361
 DMPlot.pas             1. TAxis.GridPen property (QA_0127112009)
                        2. TSerie - point caching (QA_0122112009)
                        3. Grid line bugfix (QA_0105122009)
                        4. Arrow/line label alignment (QA_0102112009)

 DM2003.dof             Build #361
 AxisDlg.dfm            Many changes due to new Grid tab
 AxisDlg.pas            1. New Grid tab and controls for new
                        axis attributes (grid line properties).
                        See QA_0127112009 for details.
                        2. Bugfix - setting line color

01.10.2009 20:35:08 Build #360 - several bugfixes
 SerieDlg.dfm           Line spineditors maxvalue now is 1000000
 DMWorksheet.pas        Bugfixes in header (QA_0320092009, QA_0420092009)
 DMPlot.pas             Area visibility now controlled by Visible
                        property (QA_0114092009)

03.09.2009 18:19:34 Build #350 - presentational improvements: axes with ticks but without tick labels, plot labels below series, ScaleX pinning mode
 DMComboBox.pas         EditorModified property added (QA_0119082009)
 DMPlot.pas             1. New ScaleX pinning modes (QA_0128072009)
                        also new event added to TPlot component!
                        2. Axis Ticks visibility (QA_0129052009)
                        3. Label Z order - before data (QA_0115082009)

 SerieDlg.pas           Only hand-modified expressions are
                        added to the history (QA_0119082009)

 DM2003.res             Build #350
 AxisDlg.dfm            TicksCheckBox added, LabelsCheckBox changed
 AxisDlg.pas            1. TicksCheckBox added (QA_0129052009)
                        2. Only hand-modified expressions are
                        added to the history (QA_0119082009)

 DM2003.dof             Build #350
24.07.2009 2:48:34 Build #348 - several plot improvements
 SerieDlg.pas           1. Added Brush Pattern editing
                        and two new line types
                        (see QA_0122072009 for details)
                        3. Added ColumnLabelBitBtn
                        (see QA_0212072009 for details)

 SerieDlg.dfm           Added PatternCombobox and ColumnLabelBitBtn
 DMPlot.pas             Rectangle label behavior fixed
                        (see QA_0122072009 for details)

22.07.2009 19:14:01 In the build #347: Rectangle label now can paste and display metafiles! See QA_0112072009 for additional information.
 DMPlot.pas             Added private FMetaFile property for
                        TPlotLabel class and WMF support.
                        Warning: very basic implementation!

15.07.2009 3:05:30 In the build #346: new TSerie properties: ErrorBarLength and LeaderSize. See QA_0312072009 for additional information.
 SerieDlg.pas           New controls for LeaderSize and 
                        ErrorbarLength properties added

 SerieDlg.dfm           1. New controls for LeaderSize and 
                        ErrorbarLength properties added
                        2. Dialog width increased, many
                        controls moved and resized

 DMPlot.pas             New TSerie properties added:
                        ErrorBarLength and LeaderSize.

05.05.2009 22:59:12 In the build #345: new legend features (ability to hide axes angle and series line) See QA_0104052009 for additional information.
 DMPlot.pas             New legend tags in TPlotLabel.Paint
 DMHTMLText.pas         New legend tags in ProcessLegendAction()             Bugfix: variant -> OleVariant
15.02.2009 1:01:44 In build #334: new point types (see QA_0114022009)
 DMPlot.pas             11 new point types added,
                        TPointType and DrawPoint changed

 SerieDlg.dfm           11 new point types added
 DM2003.dof             Build #344
 DM2003.res             Build #344
07.02.2009 21:31:34 Bugfix in build #343 (QA_0303022009)
 DMPlot.pas             Test axis visibility in
                        PaintTitleFrame and PaintLabelsFrame

29.01.2009 16:42:15 New in build #342: several improvements and bugfixes and totally rewrited TPlotLabel objects - now it has really universal coordinate system that can be attached to any combination of any plot elements. This feature allows to create specialized plot types (charts, polar etc). ======================================== In this build all work on improvements of presentation features of DM2003 graphic engine was finished.
 DMWorksheet.pas        Now worksheet copies cell text "as is", using
                        text returned by OnGetCellText (see QA_0218102008)

 DMPlot.pas             A lot of changes in this unit:
                        1. TAxis class - TickLength property added 
                        2. TPlot.PaintCanvas now public (may be used to 
                        make preview)
                        3. Bugfix: some datasets may crash plot due to 
                        4. TPlotLabel coordinate system redesigned 
                        see also QA_0318012009); now PinModeXXX should be 
                        used instead
                        of TX,YAxis properties
                        5. Vertical text in labels (QA_0218012009)
                        6. TPlotLabel.Alignment property added (see 

 HTextDlg.dfm           Renamed HTMLDlg unit (conflict with
                        same-named unit in DMEditor!!)

 SerieDlg.pas           HTMLDlg.pas renamed to HTextDlg.pas
 HTextDlg.pas           Renamed HTMLDlg unit (conflict with
                        same-named unit in DMEditor!!)

 DMHTMLText.pas         Correctly process custom legend with empty
                        text (see QA_0117102008)

 AxisDlg.pas            1. Controls for TickLength property 
                        2. HTMLDlg.pas renamed to HTextDlg.pas

 AxisDlg.dfm            1. Controls for TickLength property added
                        2. other controls rearranged to free space

 DM2003.dof             Build #342
 DM2003.res             Build #342
 DM2003.dpk             HTMLDlg.pas renamed to HTextDlg.pas
17.10.2008 0:54:59 In the build #335: 1. Customized plot legends (QA_0113092008) 2. Zeros in error bars (QA_0110092008)
 DMPlot.pas             1. Customized plot legends (QA_0113092008)
                        2. Zeros in error bars (QA_0110092008)

 DMHTMLText.pas         function ProcessLegendAction added
 AxisDlg.dfm            Tab order fixed
05.09.2008 0:55:22 In the build #333, DM2003 graphics was seriously improved. The main changes in the design related to the new plot labels scaling mode. Following main items should be mentioned: 1) axis titles Margins (QA_0106062008) In pmMargins MouseMode now it is possible to move tick labels and title (TitleMargin, LabelMargin) 2) label positions and scaling (QA_0117062008) 3 modes - Frame, Axis and Scale for all coordinates + 3 additional label types (line, rectangle and ellipse) 3) series point marker/leader (QA_0102082008) Now it is controlled by special property 4) Error Bars for data series (QA_0105082008). Now 2 additional columns may be defined as X/Y error bars. 5) TSerie.AreaBorder property (QA_0109082008). Any series or axis may be used to fill contours limited by series curves or axis. 6) linked axis feature (QA_0111082008).
 HTMLDlg.pas            Unit header added
 DMPlotEdit.pas         1. New TAreaBorder property editor
                        2. TSerieProperty dialog setup changed

 SerieDlg.pas           A lot of new controls added for AreaBorder, 
                        Error bars and Leader (marker) properties

 SerieDlg.dfm           A lot of new controls added for AreaBorder, 
                        Error bars and Leader (marker) properties

 DMPlot.pas             A lot of enhancements in almost all objects:
                        1. TAxis: TitleMargin, IsLinked, InnerTicks, 
                        2. TSerie: LeaderPosition, X/YErrorColumn, 
                        3. TPlotLabel: PinModeX,Y1,2, Transparent
                        4. TPlot: AreaSeries, AutoScaleLabels, 

 AxisDlg.pas            New checkboxes for InnerTicks 
                        and IsLinked properties

 AxisDlg.dfm            New checkboxes for InnerTicks 
                        and IsLinked properties

 DM2003.res             New build #333
 DM2003.dof             New build #333
30.07.2008 12:26:27 Build #316
 DMWorksheet.pas        Build #316 - selected cell frame color fix
15.06.2008 16:37:12 New in build #315: Rich text support in labels and axis titles (html formatting). Property editor UI also changed.
 HTMLDlg.dfm            First file check-in
 DMWorksheet.pas        Support for rich text in column headers added
 DMPlot.pas             1. TAxis.ShowExpression property added
                        2. A lot of changes for rich text support
                        (hude TAxis.Paint and TPlotLabel.Paint
                        procedures about completely rewrited)

 SerieDlg.pas           Support for HTML Text Editor added
 SerieDlg.dfm           1. SpinEdits for First/Last line enlarged
                        2. HTMLTextBitBtn added

 HTMLDlg.pas            First file check-in
 DM2003.dof             New build #315
 AxisDlg.pas            Support for HTML Text Editor and new 
                        ShowExpression property added

 AxisDlg.dfm            ShowExpressionCheckbox and HTMLTextBitBtn added
 DMHTMLText.pas         First file check-in
 DM2003.res             New build #315
 DM2003.dpk             2 new units added
11.05.2008 1:18:21 New in version - support of double precision floating point numbers (when doublefloat defined, TReal=double)             doublefloat condition added
 DMPlot.pas             public TPlot.GetPoint now has TReal X,Y 
                        parameters. This change is for doubles support.

 DMWorksheet.pas        Inherited DrawCell called for ExpressionCell 
                        color support

 DM2003.dof             New version
 DM2003.res             New version
 DMContainer.pas        1. long data file line (>256 chars) bug fixed
                        2. now container correctly supports doubles 

23.04.2007 2:36:23 Build #295 - 3 plot bugfixes
 DMWebIniFile.pas       First file check-in
 DMPlot.pas             1. axis label font size and margins (bugfix)
                        2. addpoint - incorrect point drawing (bugfix)
                        3. label pen width not copied/pasted (bugfix)

10.05.2006 2:26:33 Build #242
 DMPlot.pas             1. rounding bugfix (points invisible 
                        if coordinates are the same)
                        2. hidden series are not clickable

02.03.2006 17:48:16 Bugfix
 AxisDlg.pas            Beep removed (ALWAYS when scale too large)
26.02.2006 21:07:38 Build #240
 DMWorksheet.pas        1. OnGetCellText event support added
                        2. Paste performance greatly improved

 SerieDlg.dfm           # of functional series intervals may be 1
 DMPlot.pas             TAxis object significantly modified 
                        to support date/time labels format

 AxisDlg.dfm            A lot of changes - date/time format supported,
                        + several minor improvements

 AxisDlg.pas            A lot of changes - date/time format supported
18.12.2005 0:48:13 Build #226
 DMWorksheet.pas        Bugfix in PasteFromClipboard (row,col 

 DMPlot.pas             1. Now points in functional series may be clicked
                        2. OnSelectionChange event called at the very end

12.12.2005 19:29:22 Build #223
 DMWebBrowser.pas       Functional keys handling commented
                        (moved to MainWnd, as in TEmbeddedWB)

29.08.2005 16:36:26 Build #222
 DMPlot.pas             Error in MakeMajorTicks corrected
                        (assertion violation at large scales)

10.08.2005 19:36:12 Build #220
 DMPlot.pas             Zillion of enhancements in following areas:
                        a) width of vertical axis labels calculated
                        more correctly (by real label values!)
                        b) ZERO label value processed correctly
                        c) Delete and Point Eraser correct ALL
                        series blocks in ALL forms
                        d) enhanced painting of plot selection
                        (especially actual on W98)
                        e) numerous log scale axis enhancements: 
                        ticks with reverse scale bug, label selection,
                        ruler and translation tools
                        f) autohide ticks and labels on resize
                        g) copy points from functional series

10.06.2005 18:41:39 Build #203
 DMContainer.pas        Decimal separator in files forced to "."
01.04.2005 2:22:48 Decimal separator bugfix
 DMWorksheet.pas        Decimal separator bugfix
 DMContainer.pas        Decimal separator bugfix
01.04.2005 1:51:01 Build #202 - Decimal separator bugfix
 DMWorksheet.pas        Decimal separator bugfix
 DMContainer.pas        Decimal separator bugfix in Str2Real
23.01.2005 20:06:01 Build #200
 DMUserAction.pas       Now providers may be not loaded into IDE
 DMUserActionEditor.pas   Now providers may be not loaded into IDE
 DM2003.dof             Build #200
 DM2003.res             Build #200
28.11.2004 19:28:44 Build #195 (Release)
 DMPlot.pas             Label properties assignment order (bugfix)
                        Incorrect Legend printing fixed (scaling)

15.08.2004 15:04:49 Build #185 (release candidate)
 DMPlot.pas             1. labels support
                        2. TSerie clipboard (2 props)
                        3. TSeries update bugfix

30.07.2004 16:58:09 Plot bugfixes before adding objects
 SerieDlg.pas           Points and dotted lines bugfix
 DMWebBrowser.pas       SetScrollBars/3D implemented
 DMPlot.pas             Many bugfixes:
                        Range check (scaling points and selection)
                        Points and dotted lines colors
                        Selection now not disappear when change serie
                        Zoom both axes mode added
                        Margins bugfix (new algorithm)

16.06.2004 23:15:54 Build # 158
 DMPlot.pas             Plot property added for TAxis
 DM2003.res             Build # 158
 DMWorksheet.pas        Default shortcuts placed into ifdef
 DMWebBrowser.pas       Accelerator keys problem solved
 DM2003.cfg             Compiler option changed
 AxisDlg.dfm            Help context bugfix
 DM2003.dpk             Compiler option changed
 DM2003.dof             Build # 158

To the list of projects

proppage -

06.06.2012 15:39:10 Fixed UI bug - QA_0129052012. Interestingly, I have to add new component (a panel). Otherwise control layout always breaks.
 PropPage.dof           Build #433
 PropPage.res           Build #433
 PropImgC.dfm           Panel added, other controls rearranged
 PropImgC.pas           Panel added, other controls rearranged
14.05.2012 21:54:52 This is another post-fix solving problems that were ignored previously. Version was not changed!
 PropPack.pas           1) Problems with progressbar animation and
                        performance on Win7 solved - QA_0106052012
                        2) Now compression progress form is modal!
                        more exactly, modal window behavior was
                        simulated (see QA_0206052012 for details)

22.04.2012 1:56:51 This is a postfix (bug found after dm2003 build #432)
 PropServ.pas           Bugfix: new signatures added in methods
                        called by dispinterface 

 PropDMW.pas            Added ??? caption if no valid signature
20.04.2012 1:21:34 Build #428 includes a lot of improvements. 1) QA_0131102011 - support of zipped dat and dmw files Now ALL these features are completed in both DM2003 and MetaBase, including DataBrowser and configuration. Moreover, NEW shell extension was added - a context menu for data file compression and decompression. 2) bugfix: new server DLL retaining algorithm was implemented. Now instances of proppage always released, while DLL always locked - to avoid mysterious crashes. Certainly it is unloaded when host terminates, as in previous versions.
 PropPage.dof           New build #428
 PropPage.dpr           New PropMenu.pas and PropPack.pas units
 PropPack.dfm           First file check-in
 PropPack.pas           First file check-in
 PropPage.res           New build #428
 PropServ.rc            Added bitmap resource for context menu
 propserv.RES           New resources added           New definitions: coclass and DMW signatures
 PropServ.pas           1. bugfix (or just improvement?) - 
                        My implementation fixes DLL in process, as in 
                        2. TDMPropertySheet now always released (it was a 
                        3. InitializeShellExt refactored (now common with 

 PropMenu.pas           First file check-in
 PropDatD.dfm           CompressedCheckBox now active!
 PropDatD.pas           Active CompressedCheckbox (QA_0131102011)
 PropConf.dfm           Many new controls for context menu
                        (compression options), dialog box now tabbed

 PropConf.pas           New controls for compression options
 PropDMW.pas            New signature for compressed desktop added
 PropHint.rc            New Hint strings for [?] help added for new
                        items in MB configuration dialog

 PropHTML.pas           no changes (MM add empty line!)
 PropDMWI.pas           New signatures for compressed desktop 
                        (including Unicode versions!) added

 PropHint.h             New Hint string codes for [?] help added 
                        (for new items in MB configuration dialog)

05.04.2012 17:04:29 In this build #420 following two problems were (almost) solved: 1) QA_0207032009 - form scaling in large font mode (also, changes were made in DM2003) 2) QA_0101042012 - problem with file access. Previously if file (dmw or txt or dat - for compression!) access was denied, proppage may crash host app. So, it was decided to make checks in both InitializeXXX methods and dispinterface methods, and do not display page in case of problems (like system proppages). However, new global problem with server retain mechanism was discovered. It seems that COM objects just never released! Also, if user displays first page after host start for "wrong" file, dll will be unloaded and host will crash with the same symptoms as if COM object would be released - ComServer.ObjectCount will set to 0. This trouble have to be solved.
 PropDMW.pas            Version label text fixed
 PropDMW.dfm            Version Label caption changed
 PropPage.dof           Build #420
 PropServ.pas           1. some comments changed to be imported into MM
                        2. changes for QA_0101042012 (file access checks)

 PropPage.res           Build #420
 PropDatS.pas           Form resizing (scaling) enabled
 PropDatC.pas           Form resizing (scaling) enabled
 PropDatC.dfm           Form scaling now used
 PropDatD.dfm           Form scaling now used (and table
                        column width may be changed!)

 PropDatS.dfm           Form scaling now used
 PropDatD.pas           1. Form resizing (scaling) enabled
                        (toolbar have to be resized manually!)
                        2. Now number formatting for average
                        and range values obtained from DM2003

07.01.2012 20:43:57 New in the Build #415: support for compressed data files (checkbox+signature).
 PropPage.res           Build #415           Compressed data file signature added
 PropPage.dof           Build #415
 PropDatD.dfm           Added CompressedCheckBox
 PropDatD.pas           Added CompressedCheckBox and appropriate
                        test code (for existing data files!)

06.01.2012 23:47:36 Build #413: DirectShow devices added in the Get Image Wizard (for sample description)/ Now webcams are supported under Win7/Vista.
 PropPage.dof           Build #413, paths to DSPack added, other
                        changes (important: DYNAMIC_LINK_ALL!)

 PropPage.cfg           Paths to DSPack added
 PropPage.res           Build #413
 PropPage.dpr           New PropImgC unit added
 PropImgC.pas           First file check-in
 PropImgC.dfm           First file check-in
 PropImgW.pas           DirectShow support added in Image Wizard
 PropImgW.dfm           new DSRadioButton added
11.05.2011 13:45:57 Post - build #412 fix (file update)           Unicode-compatible definitions
11.05.2011 1:52:43 Minor bugfix in the build #412
 PropSmpl.pas           Bugfix - EMF added (QA_0110052011)
 PropPage.res           Build #412
 PropPage.dof           Build #412
11.04.2011 22:53:14 Build #407 - a lot of changes: PNG support and desktop thumbnails in property pages and scripting client           New entries added for QA_0423022011
 PropPage.res           Build #407
 PropPage.dpr           New PropDMWI.pas unit added           First file check-in
 PropSmpl.pas           PNG support (QA_0120032011, QA_0126032011)
 PropServ.pas           Many changes to support desktop thumbnails 
                        (see QA_0423022011 for more details)

 PropDMWI.pas           First file check-in
 PropDMWI.dfm           First file check-in
 PropDMW.pas            Changes due to QA_0423022011
                        (preview offset stored in the DMW signature)

 PropPage.dof           Build #407
 PropImgW.pas           1. PNG support (QA_0120032011, QA_0126032011)
                        2. Improved resizing algorithm with bitmap
                        anti-aliasing (same as in QA_0423022011)

 PropImgW.dfm           EditShape size corrected
11.02.2011 22:33:20 Build #394 - improved Sample Properties dialog. Now it is possible to use GIFs and get images from WIA sources such as webcams. See also QA_0109012011, QA_0101022011, QA_0201022011.
 PropPage.res           Build #394
 PropSmpl.dfm           OpenPictureDialog component removed
 PropSmpl.pas           1) support for GIF images added
                        2) OpenPictureDialog replaced by Wizard
                        3) strImageNotFound instead of exception
                        (so that now Comments loaded if no image)

 PropPage.dpr           New PropImgW.pas unit added
 PropImgW.dfm           First file check-in
 PropImgW.pas           First file check-in
 PropPage.dof           Build #394
07.01.2010 3:23:09 Milestone release #365 (+ bugfixes)
 PropServ.pas           1. QA_0109032009 - method dispatching error
                        2. QA_0115032009 - description for description file

 PropPage.res           Build #365 (release)
 PropPage.dof           Build #365 (release)
09.03.2009 23:08:22 In build #345: scripting support! Now MB COM object should be used to read file properties instead of DMINIFile from DMForms. As a result, it's possible to make scripts independent on MetaBase!
 PropPage.res           Build #345
 PropServ.pas           TDMPropertySheet now supports IDispatch!
                        So that it may be used from scripts.

 PropPage.dof           Build #345
 PropDatC.pas           1. sContents made public (PropServ.pas)
                        2. function ReadSection (-#-)

 PropDatS.pas           sSettings made public (used in PropServ.pas)
07.03.2009 23:44:31 In build #344: a) bugfix - truncated help strings b) new feature - Calculate Conditions
 PropPage.dof           Build #344
 PropPage.res           Build #344
 propserv.RES           New and changed context help strings
 PropHint.rc            a) 2 new strings for menu items
                        b) truncated (too long) strings fixed

 PropDatD.dfm           New controls for Calculate Conditions feature
 PropDatD.pas           New Calculate Conditions feature
 PropHint.h             2 new strings added for menu items
07.02.2009 20:43:24 In build #343: bugfix (QA_0403022009)
 PropSmpl.pas           JPEGImage processed in ReadSettings
 PropPage.res           Build #343
 PropPage.dof           Build #343
29.01.2009 1:36:49 New in build #342: support for JPEGs in sample properties dialog was added
 PropSmpl.dfm           1. Scrollbars in Comments (QA_0122072008)
                        2. Filter in OpenPictureDialog - for 
                        JPEG support (see QA_0127012009)

 PropSmpl.pas           JPEG support (see QA_0127012009) - only
                        unit name added, + ~100 kB DLL size...

 PropPage.dof           New build #342
 PropPage.res           New build #342
15.06.2008 16:14:31 Build #315: Rich text support
 PropPage.dof           New build #315
 PropPage.res           New build #315
 PropDatD.dfm           OnDrawCell handler for rich text support
 PropDatD.pas           Now formatted column labels may be displayed
11.05.2008 2:32:12 Version Improved support for dates
 PropSmpl.pas           Now proppage correctly supports dates
                        (default is, mm/dd/yyyy also
                        can be read)

 PropPage.res           Version
 PropPage.dof           1. Version
                        2. EXE description removed (dcc32)

06.04.2007 20:56:19 Build #295 HTML Help support (for Vista)
 PropServ.pas           1. HTML Help instead of WinHelp
                        2. InitializeDM refactored (!!!)

 PropSDlg.pas           HTML Help instead of WinHelp
 PropPage.res           New build (290!)
 PropServ.rc            New PropHint resource included
 PropSmpl.pas           HTML Help instead of WinHelp
 PropSmpl.dfm           1. Changed help file
                        2. Help button has handler
                        3. OK/Cancel contexts removed

 propserv.RES           New PropHint resource included
 PropPage.dof           HTMLHelp files referenced
                        new build (290!)

 PropDatD.dfm           Help file removed
 PropConf.pas           HTML Help instead of WinHelp
 PropConf.dfm           1. Changed help file
                        2. Help button has handler

 PropDatS.dfm           Help file removed
 PropPage.cfg           New build (290!)
 PropHint.rc            First file check-in
 PropHint.h             First file check-in
28.01.2007 14:36:57 Build #286
 PropServ.pas           Many changes for support of URLs and
                        InitializeFileName member           Added IDMPropertySheet.InitializeFileName 

 PropSmpl.pas           Bugfixes and URLs support.
                        1) unused string removed
                        2) ImageDClickLabel added
                        Many changes in the code

 PropSmpl.dfm           Bugfixes:
                        1) hints removed (cause error message)
                        2) jpegs removed from filter (not supported)
                        3) new ImageDClickLabel added

 PropDatD.pas           1. Added support for URLs (r/o)
                        2. InitializeFileName support
                        (ActiveDocument buttons disabled)

 PropDatC.pas           Added support for URLs (r/o)
 PropSDlg.pas           Added support for URLs and 
                        InitializeFileName (new fields)

 PropDatS.pas           Added support for URLs (r/o)
14.06.2006 0:01:20 Build #254 Bugfix: comments in sample description disappear if sample description is saved while comments field not modified
 PropServ.rc            Changed resources:
                        a) images (server* replaced)
                        b) coltable.htm removed (unused!)

 PropServ.pas           DescExtension defs moved to
                        (now used in DM2003.exe)

 PropSmpl.pas           1. Sample description (comments) disappear bugfix
                        (now this value correctly saved if it was 
                        2. Description file extension in Open/SaveAs 
                        (now filter corrected according to DescExt)

 propserv.RES           Changed resources
 PropDMW.pas            1. GetMem/FreeMem block now protected
                        2. default now MakeDMWBackup=false

 PropConf.pas           Non-default value of MakeDMWBackup written 
                        to the registry (like other values)           DescExtension defs moved from PropServ.pas
 PropHTML.pas           ReadFile/WriteFile/Options members added
                        (flawless INI support for HTML proppage)
                        Note: ENTER bug still NOT FIXED!!!

26.02.2006 21:16:06 Build #240
 PropDMW.pas            Bugfix - buffer deallocated after gettext
22.02.2006 15:48:56 Build #235 DMW page can edit description data page can edit columns
 PropDMW.pas            Many changes related to new feature: 
                        DMW page can now edit desktop file 

 PropDMW.dfm            Memo changed for R/W mode
                        formcreate handler added

 PropSmpl.pas           strings -> constants (just 
                        another refactoring)

 PropServ.pas           strings -> constants (just 
                        another refactoring)

 PropDatS.dfm           Button caption changed
 PropConf.pas           Backup DMW checkbox added
                        strings replaced by constants
                        7 conditions (constant added)

 PropConf.dfm           Controls reordered, new 
                        backup dmw flag added

 PropDatD.pas           A lot of changes related to new features:
                        1) column captions now may be edited
                        2) 2 new invisible by default conditions 

 PropDatD.dfm           A lot of changes related to new features:
                        1) column captions now may be edited
                        2) 2 new invisible by default conditions 

28.11.2004 19:38:37 Build #195 (Release)
 PropPage.res           New build #195
 PropPage.dof           New build #195
15.08.2004 15:20:44 Build #185 (release candidate) module code was refactored
 PropPage.dof           File refactored in MM
 PropPage.dpr           File refactored in MM
 PropHTML.dfm           File refactored in MM
 PropHTML.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropPage.res           File refactored in MM
 PropServ.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropSmpl.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropSDlg.dfm           First file check-in
 PropSDlg.pas           First file check-in
 PropDatC.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropDatD.dfm           File refactored in MM
 PropConf.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropDatC.dfm           File refactored in MM
 PropDatD.pas           File refactored in MM
 PropDMW.dfm            File refactored in MM
 PropDMW.pas            File refactored in MM
 PropDatS.dfm           File refactored in MM
 PropDatS.pas           File refactored in MM
11.07.2004 1:44:59 Transparency bugfix (black button background)
 PropDMW.pas            WMERASEBKGND method bugfixed
 PropServ.pas           Transparentforms var replaced by direct call
 PropDatS.pas           WMERASEBKGND method bugfixed
 PropDatC.pas           WMERASEBKGND method bugfixed
 PropDatD.pas           WMERASEBKGND method bugfixed
10.07.2004 18:01:19 Build #167(form scaled fix)
 PropDMW.dfm            Scaled = true
 PropPage.dof           Build #167
 PropPage.res           Build #167
 PropDatC.dfm           Scaled = true
 PropDatD.dfm           Scaled = true
 PropDatS.dfm           Scaled = true
02.07.2004 1:32:19 Build # 166 (transparency under XP themes)
 PropPage.res           Build # 166 (transparency under XP themes)
 PropPage.dof           Build # 166 (transparency under XP themes)
 PropServ.pas           Form transparency code added
 propserv.RES           New resource for transparent dialog pages
 PropServ.rc            New resource for transparent dialog pages
 PropDatD.pas           Form transparency code added
 PropDatC.pas           Form transparency code added
 PropDatS.pas           Form transparency code added
 PropHTML.pas           Form transparency code added
 PropDMW.pas            Form transparency code added
01.07.2004 19:47:22 Build # 165 (beta 2)
 PropDatS.pas           ESCAPE and ENTER bugfix added
 PropPage.dof           Build # 165
 PropPage.res           Build # 165
 PropDatC.dfm           KeyPreview+OnKeyDown events added
 PropDatC.pas           ESCAPE and ENTER bugfix added
 PropDatS.dfm           KeyPreview+OnKeyDown events added
16.06.2004 23:32:32 Build # 158
 PropPage.res           Build # 158
 PropPage.dpr           New form, ShowConfigDlg function added
 PropPage.dof           Build # 158
 PropServ.pas           TXT extension, read registry parameters
 PropSmpl.pas           TXT extension
 propserv.RES           HTML resources added
 PropServ.rc            HTML resources added
 PropDatC.pas           TXT extension
 PropConf.pas           First file check-in
 PropConf.dfm           First file check-in
 PropDatD.pas           TXT extension, Conditions labels bugfix
 PropHTML.pas           GetExternal, filename property added
 PropHTML.dfm           OnGetExternal event added
 PropDatS.pas           TXT extension
16.06.2004 22:25:24 Slightly better help support Updated help file
 PropPage.res           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropSmpl.dfm           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropSmpl.pas           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropPage.dof           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropDatD.dfm           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropDatD.pas           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

 PropDatS.pas           Slightly better help support
                        Updated help file

To the list of projects

scripter -

09.06.2012 17:29:56 In this fix, font size units were changed somewhere for better support of large fonts on the newest high resolution screens.
 exitpage.htm           Some font size changed: px->pt
 index.htm              Some font size changed: px->pt
 databrowser.htm        Some font size changed: px->pt
 digitizer.htm          Some font size changed: px->pt
06.06.2012 17:01:38 Build #433 - several corrections related to large font mode and MSIE9 which replaces fonts MS Sans Serif by Arial (so that some controls should be slightly moved).
 Scripter.dof           Build #433
 printworksheet.htm     Additional check for long tables
 welcome.htm            Font sizes fixed: px->em
 Scripter.res           Build #433
 nlsf.htm               Buttons moved down 0.8em
 lmnlsf.htm             Buttons moved down 0.5em
 options.htm            Fieldsets width decreased (for large fonts)
 nlsf2.htm              Buttons moved down 1em
16.05.2012 9:01:02 Another bugfix on MSIE9/Windows7 system. A couple of problems were solved after build #432 was made.
 selectwindow.htm       Window height insufficient on MSIE9
 lmnlsf.htm             On MSIE9 ProcessMessages in onunload causes error
14.05.2012 22:26:27 HTML page size error under MSIE9 bugfix. Also, as a precaution for future MSIE10, compatibility meta tag was added.
 nlsf2.htm              QA_0113052012 bugfix
 openurl.htm            QA_0113052012 bugfix
 options.htm            QA_0113052012 bugfix
 manualfit.htm          QA_0113052012 bugfix
 monitor.htm            QA_0113052012 bugfix
 nlsf.htm               QA_0113052012 bugfix
 plotdata.htm           QA_0113052012 bugfix
 selectsortorder.htm    QA_0113052012 bugfix
 selectwindow.htm       QA_0113052012 bugfix
 welcome.htm            QA_0113052012 bugfix
 plotoptions.htm        QA_0113052012 bugfix
 polydiffsmooth.htm     QA_0113052012 bugfix
 printworksheet.htm     QA_0113052012 bugfix
 configuration.htm      QA_0113052012 bugfix
 copyfunction.htm       QA_0113052012 bugfix
 databrowser.htm        QA_0113052012 bugfix
 baseline.htm           QA_0113052012 bugfix
 calculation.htm        QA_0113052012 bugfix
 calculator.htm         QA_0113052012 bugfix
 digitizer.htm          QA_0113052012 bugfix
 linearfit2.htm         QA_0113052012 bugfix
 lmnlsf.htm             QA_0113052012 bugfix
 main.RES               QA_0113052012 bugfix
 fitresult.htm          QA_0113052012 bugfix
 index.htm              QA_0113052012 bugfix
 linearfit.htm          QA_0113052012 bugfix
21.04.2012 21:57:39 Changes in scripts for build #432. Almost all reflect appropriate chenges in the Delphi code. No unit version change!
 masterscript.vbs       1. CommpressDesktops option (QA_0131102011)
                        2. OpenSaveFilter option saved to registry
                        (loaded by DM2003 - see QA_0231102011)
                        3. QA_0130032012 - bugfix in Save Notes

 options.htm            CommpressDesktops option (QA_0131102011)
 databrowser.htm        Added new filter - recognized extensions
                        Related to data file filters (QA_0231102011)

 manualfit.htm          Now form uses 100% browser width
07.01.2012 23:53:09 New (version not changed): for QA_0131102011, CompressDataFiles application option added.
 options.htm            CompressDataFiles application option added
 masterscript.vbs       CompressDataFiles application option added
11.05.2011 21:00:00 Build #412: new Load Label Image action and a bugfix in the digitizer.htm
 Scripter.dof           Build #412
 Scripter.res           Build #412
 masterscript.vbs       Added LoadLabelImage action
 digitizer.htm          1. bugfix - corrected file mask in OpenImage dlg
                        2. added window_onerror event handler

 main.RES               Build #412 - resources changed
11.04.2011 22:36:24 Build #407 - several improvements
 options.htm            New options - modeless Digitizer and 
                        Also, now scrollable panel is made for checkboxes

 Scripter.dof           Build #407
 Scripter.res           Build #407
 databrowser.htm        A lot of improvements:
                        1) now DB has variable-height panels that
                        take full page space
                        2) support for desktop preview (QA_0423022011)
                        3) display Conditions for data files
                        4) other minor improvements

 digitizer.htm          1) QA_0218032011 - modeless window
                        2) support for PNG, GIF and JPG

 masterscript.vbs       1) QA_0218032011 - modeless Digitizer
                        2) QA_0423022011 - desktop preview option
                        3) Setting Recording window flag now do
                        not clear it on other data windows

24.02.2011 23:31:38 Build #400 beta - minor bugfixes.
 Scripter.res           Build #400 beta
 Scripter.dof           Build #400 beta
 masterscript.vbs       1. registration key changed (home, about)
                        this is required for future changes in update
                        policy and hotpatching support
                        2. bugfix - see QA_0118022011 for details

11.02.2011 22:48:08 Build #394 - new action + bugfixes
 Scripter.dof           Build #394
 Scripter.res           Build #394
 masterscript.vbs       1. QA_0118012011 - improved Diff/Smooth 
                        algorithm for better support of date/time.
                        2. Now when Notes and DMWs are saved, file
                        extensions are added if only file name entered
                        3. ExportPlot action added (suggested by user)

 polydiffsmooth.htm     QA_0118012011 - new checkbox added
13.12.2010 1:04:40 Post - build #386 hotfixes. No separate release.
 nlsf.htm               QA_0216062010 bugfix
 nlsf2.htm              QA_0216062010 bugfix
 options.htm            PasteSerieOwr feature added (QA_0209072010)
 masterscript.vbs       1. PasteSerieOwr feature added (QA_0209072010)
                        2. QA_0112122010 bugfix (Paste Range OnUpdate)

 linearfit.htm          QA_0216062010 bugfix
 linearfit2.htm         QA_0216062010 bugfix
 lmnlsf.htm             QA_0216062010 bugfix
11.06.2010 14:15:26 New in the build #386: 1) Levmar fitter HTML application 2) Window list (QA_0503022009) updated 3) minor improvements and bugfixes
 nlsf.htm               Correctly filled column list (QA_0103052010)
 selectwindow.htm       Window almost completely redesigned
 welcome.htm            Added cannabola on polar plot
 masterscript.vbs       1. Window list changed (QA_0503022009)
                        2. Changed leader position in OnPlotPointClick
                        3. New LevMarFit action added

 index.htm              Link to LEVMAR fitter added
 lmnlsf.htm             First file check-in
 main.rc                LEVMAR fitter application added
07.01.2010 3:27:48 Milestone release #365 (+ improvements)
 Scripter.dof           Build #365 (release)
 Scripter.res           Build #365 (release)
 masterscript.vbs       Minor fix only
 Main.pas               QA_0208092009 - now scripter can process HKLM
                        (this feature required to install user files)

 main.RES               Build #365 (release)
06.12.2009 18:58:28 Build #361 - improvements in RC version
 Scripter.res           Build #361
 Scripter.dof           Build #361
 masterscript.vbs       1. HKLM support (IN SCRIPT ONLY!) QA_0208092009
                        2. OnStart event (QA_0101112009) - welcome page,
                        and action restore (see QA_0201112009)

01.10.2009 21:45:16 All scripts dependent on IDMxxx3 interfaces updated
 plotoptions.htm        First check-in (new file)
 plotdata.htm           Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
 options.htm            New Merge Notes option (QA_0109092008)
 printworksheet.htm     Expressions and new number formatting supported
 welcome.htm            1. Updated demonstration plots
                        2. InstallPath in goSamples

 Scripter.res           New build #360
 Scripter.dof           New build #360
 nlsf2.htm              1. Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
                        2. Minimal number of points (QA_0107062009)

 linearfit2.htm         Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
 linearfit.htm          Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
 index.htm              Version warning message added
 Main.pas               DMMajorVersion hardcoded constant changed
 nlsf.htm               1. Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
                        2. Cosmetic changes
                        3. Minimal number of points (QA_0107062009)

 masterscript.vbs       1. Rich text support (QA_0214062008)
                        2. New Merge Notes option (QA_0109092008)
                        3. OnOpenFile event replaces Delphi code
                        4. New labels (event handler and 4 actions)
                        5. New actions

 main.rc                plotoptions dialog box resource added
19.03.2009 3:33:02 Build #345 In scripts: Support for MetaBaseProgID registry key and MetaBase dispatch class in WEB Index feature In PAS code: Also Provider interface bugfix (QA_0101032009)
 masterscript.vbs       Now metabase provider may be used to retrieve
                        column captions (including custom providers)
                        MetaBaseProgID registry key supported
                        Also long DOM versions displayed more correctly

 plotdata.htm           Now metabase provider may be used to retrieve
                        column captions (including custom providers)

 databrowser.htm        Now metabase provider may be used to retrieve
                        column captions and file descriptions (including
                        custom metadata providers)

 Main.pas               Interface: variant->OleVariant (QA_0101032009)
29.01.2009 1:45:30 New in build #342: only little bugfix
 Scripter.dof           New build #342
 Scripter.res           New build #342
 nlsf.htm               QA_0120122008: now log-ticks mode and
                        axis titles are copied to fitter window

 linearfit.htm          QA_0120122008: now log-ticks mode and
                        axis titles are copied to fitter window

 linearfit2.htm         QA_0120122008: now log-ticks mode and
                        axis titles are copied to fitter window

30.07.2008 12:19:08 Build #316 - several bugfixes
 nlsf.htm               strictly 26 parameters!
 nlsf2.htm              strictly 26 parameters!
 printworksheet.htm     Enable "rich text" with HTML formatting in column 

 main.RES               Build #316
 manualfit.htm          Always use dot as decimal separator in plot 
                        series expressions

 masterscript.vbs       In DMEXEDate (Check Updates action) display 
                        "last modified" date instead of "created"

11.05.2008 2:53:11 New in version many bugfixes and enhancements in scripts
 printworksheet.htm     Error handler added
 nlsf2.htm              Bugfix: now up to 25 fitting parameters allowed
 nlsf.htm               1. Bugfix: now up to 25 fitting parameters
                        2. Fit series range set exactly by data range
                        3. Fit series expression uses "." as separator
                        4. Now 7-8 digits saved for parameters

 welcome.htm            Error handler added
 Scripter.res           Version
 Scripter.dof           1. Version
                        2. EXE description removed (dcc32)

 masterscript.vbs       Fit series expression uses "." as separator
                        (Straight line and peak fitters)

 linearfit.htm          1. Error handler added
                        2. Fit series range set exactly by data range
                        3. Fit series expression uses "." as separator

 copyfunction.htm       Bugfix in OnCloseDocument (see dm2003.todo)
 baseline.htm           Error handler added
 manualfit.htm          Error handler added
 main.RES               Version
 linearfit2.htm         1. Fit series range set exactly by data range
                        2. Fit series expression uses "." as separator

31.08.2007 23:35:24 Build #295 Several minor improvements
 masterscript.vbs       1. In About dialog, MSIE DOM string wrapped
                        2. Check Updates displays file date info

 welcome.htm            Now online (Browse Samples) link 
                        navigates to ONLINE samples!

 index.htm              Online sources folder location changed
 main.RES               Build #295
28.01.2007 14:41:18 Build #286
 masterscript.vbs       1. URL support in Server_OnLoadFile
                        2. URL support in FileProperties action
                        3. URL support in OpenURL (enable UseMB)

 main.RES               New build #286
07.01.2007 20:33:03 Build #285
 manualfit.htm          1. Added GetPoint exception handling code
                        2. Functional series handled more correctly

 main.RES               New and updated resources
 masterscript.vbs       1. CheckUpdates now can show welcome.html
                        2. OpenFile now shows Notes and Browser
                        3. LineFit bugfix (straight_line_fitting_bug.dat)
                        4. MultiXLMFitAction code added

 nlsf2.htm              First file check-in
 nlsf.htm               Bugfix: weight column bounds checking
 index.htm              Added link to New Multi-X NLSF tool
 baseline.htm           Added GetPoint exception handling code
 linearfit.htm          Added GetPoint exception handling code
 main.rc                New nlsf2.htm resource added
 linearfit2.htm         Buttons aligned more accurately
18.10.2006 1:26:51 Build #275
 masterscript.vbs       1. F5 on recording window also make 
                           recording series
                        2. Save As works in Browser window
                        3. Worksheet can be printed (by MSHTML)
                        4. New RecordingWindow action for DMDAQ

 printworksheet.htm     First check-in
 main.rc                printworksheet.htm resource added
 main.RES               New resources
14.06.2006 0:24:30 Build #254 1. databrowser tool added 2. enhanced processing of file extensions 3. iframes replaced by "overflow=auto"
 masterscript.vbs       1. Now *.txt may be data files (hardcoded TXT
                        in OpenAction  => *.txt always opened in Notes
                        - now 'TXT' replaced by DescExt)
                        2. Save_OnExecute reworked (now it works 
                        correctly when data/notes filename is URL)
                        3. DataBrowser action added

 main.RES               Resources changed
 nlsf.htm               IFrame removed (paramtable.htm replaced
                        by internal table with overflow=auto) 

 welcome.htm            Enhanced demonstration graphs
 plotdata.htm           Most important enhancement: now wizard 
                        doesn't close on block errors!

 main.rc                1. separate tables (*table_htm) removed
                        2. databrowser resources added

 copyfunction.htm       1. HelpLink improved
                        2. Combobox made resizable

 calculator.htm         IFrame removed (calculatortable.htm replaced
                        by internal table with overflow=auto) 

 databrowser.htm        New file (first check-in)
 linearfit.htm          IFrame removed (paramtable.htm replaced
                        by internal table with overflow=auto) 

 index.htm              Link to new databrowser.htm tool
10.05.2006 2:32:53 Build #242
 main.RES               New resources 
                        (since #226)

 linearfit.htm          Bugfix: wrong fit series expression
                        if all points have same coordinates 

26.03.2006 1:25:59 CopyFunction, NLSF and masterscript
 masterscript.vbs       1. Browser, Notes and Series Manager now
                           may be closed from keyboard (CoMain)
                        !! ShowBrowser_OnExecute replaced !!
                        2. Check file existence in FileProperties
                           action handler

 nlsf.htm               1. Weight menu panel
                        2. NIter max=200 (was 80)

 copyfunction.htm       Server_OnCloseDocument event handler added
                        (check if worksheets closed by hands)

02.03.2006 17:51:36 A couple of bugfixes
 monitor.htm            Error handling added (if user 
                        don't allow to create socket)

 main.RES               Build #240
 copyfunction.htm       1. CInt trouble for large datasets
                        2. Progress indication
                        3. Error handling was missed

26.02.2006 21:18:53 Build #240
 masterscript.vbs       Paste in SeriesMgr now inserts series
                        PlotLines enabled for 1-line container

22.02.2006 15:51:24 Build #235 OpenURL action
 masterscript.vbs       OpenURL action completely rewrited to
                        support download files, notes and desktops

 openurl.htm            First check-in
 main.rc                OpenURL dialog box resource added
 main.RES               Build #235
                        OpenURL action

09.02.2006 16:14:15 Build #230
 main.RES               Differentiation dialog removed
 masterscript.vbs       1. SelectAll for Plot viewer
                        2. Differentiation action removed
                        3. Check in Sources action added

 configuration.htm      Now file selection dialogs are
                        available in rundll32 mode
                        (Dialog shortcut in start menu)

 main.rc                Differentiation dialog removed
28.01.2006 17:42:21 Before internal build #230
 welcome.htm            Demo plots modified, new ones added
 options.htm            Delete2000 flag function changed
 masterscript.vbs       Delete action on Plot delete series
                        Cut action on Plot delete series
                        Delete2000 flag function changed

18.12.2005 0:54:44 Build #226
 masterscript.vbs       1. SaveUndoData refactored (now use Document 
                        2. Delete and Cut don't erroneously enable Undo 
                           when act on label objects
                        3. PlotPointClick - added IsFunction check since 
                           we now can click functional series

 main.RES               Build #226
 index.htm              Added link to General Linear fitter
12.12.2005 19:39:05 Build #223
 main.RES               Build #223
 masterscript.vbs       SelectAll bugfix (check Notes is foreground)
                        New PolyDiffSmooth and GeneralLinearFit actions

 polydiffsmooth.htm     First file check-in
 linearfit2.htm         First file check-in
 Main.pas               Now unit can correctly download 
                        scripts >100k via http protocol

 main.rc                Polydiffsmooth and linearfit2 HTML added
10.08.2005 21:34:04 Build #220
 welcome.htm            makehtml.vbs bugfix (.htm divided 
                        into 2 constants to avoid _htm!)

 masterscript.vbs       Missed LCase (bugfix)
 main.RES               Build #220
10.08.2005 19:47:42 Build #220
 manualfit.htm          Nothing essential
 masterscript.vbs       HomeAction calculates [samples] hash key
                        PlotLines_OnUpdate bugfixed (no series)
                        InitialView for Clone and Template
                        ScaleX/Y/1/2 FULLY support Log Scale axes
                        Excel actions moved to [Samples]
                        Lineear Fitter now supports Log Scale axes
                        SourcesAction added (Extra commands) 

 welcome.htm            Dynamic link to [samples] added, hash keys
                        appropriately modified
                        "New  file" link commented (users not morons!)

 configuration.htm      Inputs shorten a bit (specific MSIE5 bug!)
 index.htm              A couple of improvements and bugfixes
 main.RES               New resources in Build #220
18.07.2005 15:27:50 Build #206
 manualfit.htm          Pixels->EMs
 monitor.htm            Pixels->EMs
 makehtml.vbs           First file check-in
 Main.pas               Pixels->EMs in ShowConfigurationDialog (rundll32)
 main.RES               Build #206
 selectsortorder.htm    Pixels->EMs
 selectwindow.htm       Pixels->EMs
 plotdata.htm           Pixels->EMs
 nlsf.htm               Pixels->EMs
 options.htm            Pixels->EMs
 linearfit.htm          Pixels->EMs
 calculatortable.htm    Pixels->EMs
 configuration.htm      Pixels->EMs
 calculator.htm         Pixels->EMs
 baseline.htm           Pixels->EMs
 calculation.htm        Bugfix: closing by [x] now = cancel
                        Pixels->EMs + little tweaks

 fitresult.htm          Pixels->EMs
 index.htm              First file check-in
 digitizer.htm          Pixels->EMs
 copyfunction.htm       Pixels->EMs
                        Column numbers replaced with labels

 differentiation.htm    Pixels->EMs
10.06.2005 18:52:30 Build #203
 manualfit.htm          MsgBox title bugfix
 monitor.htm            MsgBox title bugfix
 nlsf.htm               MsgBox title bugfix
                        Axes expressions enabled
                        Additional error trap event
                        Chi-Sqr checked by default

 configuration.htm      MsgBox title bugfix
 linearfit.htm          MsgBox title bugfix
                        Axes expressions enabled

 main.RES               New versions of resources
01.04.2005 2:03:03 Several bugfixes
 masterscript.vbs       Registration code changed 
                        MsgBox title parameter (bugfix)

 main.RES               New resources
27.03.2005 16:26:27 Build #202 - new resource names for web deployment + bugfixes & improvements
 monitor.htm            New resource names -> links changed
                        Settings button added, controls rearranged

 nlsf.htm               New resource names -> links changed
 options.htm            New resource names -> links changed
 main.RES               New resources in Build #202
 manualfit.htm          New resource names -> links changed
 masterscript.vbs       1. about box implementation changed
                        2. all page names made lowercase (http-url 
                        3. added ability to load from [sources] and website

 paramtable.htm         Blank line added by script
 selectsortorder.htm    New resource names -> links changed
 selectwindow.htm       New resource names -> links changed
 welcome.htm            New resource names -> links changed
                        New tips, _blank added

 plotdata.htm           New resource names -> links changed
 Scripter.dof           Build #202
 Scripter.res           Build #202
 calculatortable.htm    Blank line added by script
 configuration.htm      New resource names -> links changed
                        Added Use HTML Sources checkbox

 copyfunction.htm       New resource names -> links changed
 baseline.htm           New resource names -> links changed
 calculation.htm        New resource names -> links changed
 calculator.htm         New resource names -> links changed
 differentiation.htm    New resource names -> links changed
 linearfit.htm          New resource names -> links changed
 Main.pas               Localization problem (GetLCID)
 main.rc                HTML resources has new extension
 digitizer.htm          New resource names -> links changed
 exitpage.htm           New resource names -> links changed
 fitresult.htm          New resource names -> links changed
23.01.2005 20:21:40 Build #200
 Scripter.dof           Build #200
 plotdata.htm           Cosmetic improvements
 welcome.htm            Added width and new links
                        (help and registration)

 Scripter.res           Build #200
 masterscript.vbs       Registration page support 
                        (link in welcome page)
                        Useless Offline action removed

 copyfunction.htm       Bugfix for MSIE4 (<< button image)
 configuration.htm      New Connectable Objects tab
 main.RES               New resources
 Main.pas               Added Connectable Objects support
19.12.2004 1:18:33 Build #198
 Scripter.dof           Build #198
 Scripter.res           Build #198
 main.RES               new masterscript (bugfix)
 masterscript.vbs       Bugfix in StraightLine fit
                        (2 points is too few!!!)

13.12.2004 2:51:49 Build #197
 welcome.htm            Homepage URL changed

 masterscript.vbs       StraightLine action dialog URL bug fixed
                        OpenURL action URL changed 

 main.RES               Build #197
28.11.2004 19:45:16 Build #195 (Release)
 Scripter.res           New build #195
 welcome.htm            Changed address
 Scripter.dof           New build #195
 main.RES               New build #195
 masterscript.vbs       Changed address
                        F5 command corrected (set container)
                        Scroller tool scrolls worksheet in another window
                        FitPeak checks axes expressions
                        New LineFit action

14.10.2004 20:25:43 Build #191 (RC1.05)
 Scripter.dof           Build #191
 Scripter.res           Build #191
 main.RES               Build #191
 plotdata.htm           MSIE4 combobox bugfix
11.10.2004 2:41:15 Build #190 (RC1.04)
 Scripter.dof           Build #190
 Scripter.res           Build #190
 main.RES               Build #190
 masterscript.vbs       Add plot label commands autounchecked
25.08.2004 23:16:08 Build #188 (RC1.01)
 nlsf.htm               Fit axes bugfix
 plotdata.htm           First file check-in
 welcome.htm            New tip, PlotDataWizard action link, new image
 masterscript.vbs       LogTicks+add label bugfix, zero label length, 
                        Fit axes bugfix, new PlotDataWizard action.

 linearfit.htm          Fit axes bugfix
 main.rc                New resources added
 main.RES               New resources added, other changed
15.08.2004 15:16:10 Build #185 (release candidate)
 Scripter.res           Build #185
 welcome.htm            New tip
 Scripter.dof           Build #185
 main.RES               Build #185
 masterscript.vbs       Many changes: hints / captions for some actions
                        Delete/Cut/Copy/Paste modified for label support
                        Plot labels actions (8 ones) added, 
                        Server_OnPlotClick event handler changed
                        Scale_XX actions now affect all axes (new zoom 

01.07.2004 19:50:14 Build # 165 (beta 2)
 Scripter.dof           Build # 165
 Scripter.res           Build # 165
 welcome.htm            msie4 + shadow filter bugfix
 fitresult.htm          window.external.Close bugfix
 linearfit.htm          msie4@roldec bugfix (combobox error)
 main.RES               Build # 165 (resources)
16.06.2004 23:38:41 Build # 158
 Scripter.dof           Build # 158
 options.htm            Page greatly redesigned + welcome [x], [?] Help
 Scripter.dpr           ShowConfigDlg added
 welcome.htm            New demo graphs, hardcoded homepage link
 Scripter.res           Build # 158
 masterscript.vbs       ShowWelcome, Read TXT extension, peak fitters 

 calculator.htm         [?] Help added
 calculation.htm        [?] Help added
 configuration.htm      Now form is callable by rundll32 
 main.RES               Build # 158
 Main.pas               ShowConfigDlg added + minor changes
16.06.2004 22:28:19 Build 153 (beta)
 Scripter.dof           Build #153
 nlsf.htm               series expressions check removed
 welcome.htm            New welcome screen!
 Scripter.res           Build #153
 linearfit.htm          series expressions check removed
 calculator.htm         Parse errors trapped
 manualfit.htm          Now set serie expressions on init
 main.RES               Build #153

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fitter -

27.05.2010 22:17:39 New in the build #386: Added checks for Options (QA_0106052010) BCB version of helper (QA_0101052010)
 Fitter.res             Build #386
 CoMLFitter.pas         Added checks for Options (QA_0106052010)
08.03.2010 16:30:23 Build #380 - new LMFitter coclass added. This coclass implements new version of LM fitter with box constraints and other improvements. QAs closed in this build: QA_0125022010, QA_0127022010, QA_0227022010, QA_0327022010, QA_0427022010, QA_0527022010
 Fitter.res             Build #380
 Fitter.tlb             New LMFitter coclass added
 Fitter_TLB.pas         1. New LMFitter coclass added
                        2. Changed version to 2.5

 CoFitter.pas           Changes for new CoMLFitter.pas unit
 CoMLFitter.pas         First file check-in
 Fitter.dpr             New CoMLFitter.pas unit added
11.05.2008 2:19:40 Version
 Fitter.res             Version
 CoFitter.pas           Now dmmath.dll may be used by fitter.dll
07.01.2007 20:21:54 Build #285
 Fitter_TLB.pas         New in version 2.0: event parameters
                        were changed from double to Variant!!!

 Fitter.tlb             New in version 2.0: event parameters
                        were changed from double to Variant!!!

 CoFitter.pas           A lot of changes:
                        1) multiple event sinks supported for 
                        compatibility with .Net platform
                        2) Multidimensional independent variables now 
                        supported in LM fitter (both events and 

18.12.2005 0:30:13 Build #226
 Fitter.tlb             Added event-based calculations support 
 Fitter_TLB.pas         Added event-based calculations support 
 Fitter.res             Build #226
 CoFitter.pas           Added event-based calculations support 
 Fitter.dpr             Added 'todo' file reference
18.12.2005 0:23:15 First check-in
 Fitter.cfg             First check-in
 Events.pas             First check-in
 CoFitter.pas           First check-in
 Fitter.dpr             First check-in
 Fitter_TLB.pas         First check-in
 Fitter.tlb             First check-in
 Fitter.res             First check-in

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List of related QA items


 TSerie AreaBorder may be label!
It would be useful if this property may
reference not only series or axes, but
also line labels! Labels have more scaling
options, so that it's possible to show, for
example, an area between points and a 
constant value other than axis min or max.
Technically it seems to be no problem - both
VCL (use label index in the same manner as
for series, but negative+shift) and COM.


 Migration - toolbar creep (XP)
======= 06.05.2011 ============
Coolbar.OnResize cleared as earlier.
======= 12.05.2011 ============
The problem persists!!! on Windows7, 
creeping again in Aero and simplified
modes (not in classic). Temporary 
workaround solution applied...


 UI flaw - in SM and virtuallistbox
series glyph background always white!
This is wrong - if we use black plot
and white series elements, it will be
invisible. Plot color must be used.


 Docking bug - behavior is different
if Welcome page is loaded at startup or not.
When both browser and Notes are stacked in the
vertical dock (one above other), the dock positions
remembered successfully if WP not loaded. But
if yes, windows will be docked side by side!
======= 14:18 30.08.2011 ==========
Further investigation reveals that the reason is as 
follows: in script, browser is docked programmatically
into the left dock panel and shown if ShowWelcome flag
is set. On docking, if special window is already docked
AND VISIBLE, it is redocked so that if another window 
was in the same dock below or above, both windows will
be placed side by side! The cure: check whether the
window is already docked into the same dock (not dependent 
on the visibility!) and if yes, just do nothing! Also,
qa # 0106052011 should be reexamined! And, in addition,
maybe it is reasonable to enable scripts to determine
whether window is docked, in the same manner as visibility.


 Balloon - error on WXPSP3GE
machine (nothing works in the test app!)
Solution: make an option, off by default


After first event handler in cycle
returns True, others are not invoked!
because of B- compilation directive.
So that scripter blocks this event 
for other providers.
Also detailed help on this event must
be provided - see impdemo.exe trouble
(tools blocked because of no handler)


 Support of zipped dat and dmw files.
Uncompressed data can occupy 3-6 times more
space, which is especially important since 
new versions may effectively process files
as large as 10 MB and more. How to implement
compression? 2 scenarios are possible:
1) as a zip archive - regular archive produced
by TC or special software. Here may be 
following pros and contras - where to store
metadata? if inside archive, MB will have to
be overcomplicated; if outside - only one file
may be archived (while several files at once
may be opened as a convenient alternative, and
to store txt in the same archive is much more
intuitive from user's viewpoint). In this case,
double extension may be used
2) in a special format, not compatible with
archivers, in a single files. Main motivation -
no one is really needed to view the contents
of data or dmw as a text! Also, MB may remain 
intact - even in dmw case, we can compress only
data part, while description and preview may
be uncompressed. We can discriminate compressed
desktops by special signature after description.
For data files, it is possible either use 
signature with the same extension, or just use
datz extension (MB will work without any changes
in both cases).
Important! especially in the second case, it may
be useful to perform compression/decompression
programmatically, and separately from DM2003! So
that, a special console app, DLL and COM object
should be made (DLL may be scriptable, and reusable
by DM2003.exe). Also notice - ZLib used for PNGs 
will be affected (see patch folder).
File opening may be done automatically, but saving
may depend on the server options. Probably console
app+wsh will be sufficient. All operations should 
preserve file timestamp.
===== 23:11 20.12.2011 =====
Instead of tools for compressing/decompressing, one
can imagine very practical solution - menu shell 
extension! Just select one or more files and do it.
Shell MB pages should display compression status and
allow to change it like standard attributes.
======== 14:58 14.04.2012 ==========
DMW compression: unicode version will support both 
compressed and uncompressed. The reason: although
we do not need to keep up compatibility with existing
installations of previous versions, as in case of 
ANSI builds, it was found that it will *simplify* the
code! Also, uncompressed files may be easily debugged.


 Label rectangle align.
Such labels as text have point 
in topleft corner. However, it
will be very useful to have 
additional choices, e.g. to fix
distance between label and right
axis, or label and bottom axis.
At least, 4 additional points
should be implemented.


 New label type - vertical text


 Label coordinates model.
The matter is that some label types have 2 
points - start and end, so that they should
have separate axes for each point!
Also we should add X,YAxis2 fields.
========= 21.1.2009 ========
It was determined that secondary axes 
don't allow the same flexibility as
additional pinmodes! For 1,2 points,
5 pinmodes for x,y give 25 variants,
while additional axes - only 21!!!
Such variants as (X,Y)=(Axi,Sca) or
(Sca,Axi) are impossible, because 
in Axis mode Y axis used for X,
so that there's no choice in Y
Scale mode. So, we have to make 
additional pinmodes instead of axes.


 Plot legend bug.
If series title contains HTML, it
will be replaced by plain text in
Custom Legend Editor. See DMW for details.


 New DMAppHelper CoClass!
This component should be used primarily to
reference DMInternalApplication object from
ActiveX documents loaded into Minibrowser
window, such as XBAPs, Silverlight controls
(its HTMLBridge is fundamentally defective) 
or even MS Office documents. It should also
support events. Since DM2003 cannot be 
aggregated, it was decided to make a proxy
ActiveX with IDMDLLHelper which expose
IDMApplication3 and an event wrapper. See
also [SLHelper_tests] for implementation.


 LabelDlg in Large font mode.
ListView has incorrect size and position!


 Plot Printing - X axis.
Sometimes X axis on printouts (and PDFs)
has wrong size and distorted. This is NOT
a library bug! The reason in DM2003 - 
if user opens Page Setup and Print Setup
dialogs before printing, all is OK.
BTW, sometimes printing just not launched
if these dialogs weren't previously 
displayed! User doesn't have to change
anything; just show these dialogs!
The same error on any system, including
Acrobat 4 on Windows98.
========= 7.2.2009 =========
X axis bug still persists - problem is either 
in VCL or in printer drivers. On PDF, first 
printout almost always corrupted while all 
following ones are good. Margins problem 
(launching) solved in build 343.


 Status text - file loading.
For large files, progress indication may
slow file loading significantly!


 Labels and time axis bug.
How to reproduce - make a plot (e.g. by 
timeseries.htm sample), then draw arrow,
doubleclick to display dialog box and
press OK. Vertical coordinates will become
the same, and if the label is an ellipse, 
it will disappear. Problem seems to be
in too short coordinate formatting in
the dialog box. Use the same format as 
in the axis dialog?
======= 20:19 23.01.2011 ===========
Yes, the reson was in this. Also another 
error was fixed (ScaleX not processed in
PinComboBoxChange), and new error found.


 Performance improvement.
There is an idea how to make DM2003
much better as a local server.
See QA 0120122010_test.htm for details.
== 21.12.2010 ==
The same problem may affect plot series
(OnDataPoint event handlers), now we rely
upon series cache to improve performance.


 Series caching bug. If 
cached data series was edited by Plot
Editor or Translation tools, changes are
not displayed! see cache_QA0109072010.vbs.
Moreover, this is true for all changes 
of data, e.g. any operation! Clear cache
in TDataForm.ContainerChanged also?
========== 2:54 30.01.2011 =========
It was decided that all InvalidateCache 
should be called in event handler, except
TSerie.AddPoint! because it's better to 
centralize all (re)actions for data changes.
Indeed, in Plot.DeletePoint and other 
places where points are deleted, we do NOT 
invalidate plot! So this behavior is more
or less consistent.


 PlotPointClick event handler.
Again! if client is attached as localserver
handlers in providers are not invoked (and
plot tools do not work). This is true even
if client is NOT attached to the events!
The reason: in a situation when 
SinkList.Count=0 result=false!


 Printing bug. If dashed
line is printed, it become solid!
Of course because its width>1. But
when printed from WinWord, it remains
dashed, but the dash size changed
===== 3:18 15.02.2011 =====
Solution almost found?! see test
[test\dash_QA_0115072009] - the same
trick as with vertical fonts. Warning!
Here may be the same problem as with 
troubles with vert. fonts and clipboard
(greek letters are not copied).
Also, this problem observed with 
fill pattern which become inadequate!


 Incorrect form scaling 
in large fonts mode (no scaling!).
======== 2:36 04.04.2012 =========
In addition to setting Scale=true,
one needs to use AlignClient=true
in DefDMPropertySheetDlgProc. Also,
I have to align by hands the toolbar 
control in TDataDForm. DM2003 also 
have to be corrected.


 Desktop thumbnails.
It would be useful (and relatively easy to do) 
to save small desktop picture (say 320*240) in
the desktop file. This behavior may depend on 
Server.Options boolean flag. Thumbnail may be
shown on a separate property page (if available),
also it may be returned as a picture in proppage
dispinterface (warning! here may be the same COM
+CreateObject() troubles!). Such thumbnails will
increase file size by 5-10 kB (in jpeg format)
which is acceptable. Also, a flag in AppOptions
should be made (Scripter page).


 Command Import - delete ActionBarItem.
Although items deleted when action is deleted,
menus and separators cannot be deleted, and
empty menu will produce AV!
There are several problems: how to find item?
by caption, toolbar and root menu? how to do
this for context menus?
Probably this feature will apply ONLY on standard
(design-time) ActionBarItems, as well as in 
ImportCommandsAlways procedure, because it is
almost impossible to find item by position after
users change ActionBar layout. So that, it will
be useful to change standard functionality, not
for uninstallation of user actions.
Also, we will again need to call it twice: first
from ImportCommands (menu, no config!) and second
from ImportCommandsAlways (context menus).


 Rectangle Label - paste picture.
It was discovered that label can't paste
bitmaps (this is by design!). However,
bitmap may be copied into WMF by Paint
and futher pasted as WMF. Is it possible
to paste BMPs directly?!


 Scripts item should be removed 
from the Open/Save dialogs filters in mainform.
===== 17:24 09.04.2012 =======
Also, those filters should include data file
extensions for which proppage is configured.
There's no good idea however how to implement
this feature - since it takes time to read the
list of associated files and filter correction
cannot be performed at startup. Probably one 
can remember filter in registry, and this 
value may be changed in appropsform.
=== 18:17 13.04.2012 ===
All done. I have to change both DM2003 code 
and the scripts (the most of changes in the
databrowser, also it was decided to WRITE
filter option in masterscript, but it can't be
READ there).


 PlotLabel WMF images take too
much space in DMWs if something other than
vector graphics is in the label image - 
because pixel graphics stored in WMFs as
a bitmap. Maybe, make a published Picture
property?! and use that property to define
background for rectangular labels? Current
implementation is good only for plot insets,
small icons and gradient fills. This adds
5-10 kBytes ~ empty window size (6kB).
Also, Alignment property should be used,
and image must be painted more accurately,
accounting 1px gaps between image and frame.


 Migration - change all fonts in 
all forms to the Unicode font as in demos
======= 06.05.2011 ============
Almost all done. Exceptions are:
Splash itself (??); Reopen Menu button on Toolbar
(probably default Tahoma font is used), DateTime 
Help labels in Axis and Worksheet properties dialogs 
are without underline (???). MsgBoxes seem to use
Unicode-supported system font.
====== 20.06.2011 ========
If a series has Unicode symbols in Text, [+] tool
(Scroller) will display squares in Status Line!
Which seems to be missed!!! so that Unicode 
messages and hints will be unavailable!
=== 3:11 22.01.2012 ===
Graphics.DefFontData - instead of fixups?!!


 Unicode - merge test1 into trunk,
compile and check for more problems.
NOTE!!! all changes must be compatible
with Delphi7 environment.


 Migration - wrong splash 
screen animation size
==== 1:59 06.05.2011 ======
VCL poScreenCenter implementation changed


 Migration - change signatures
for desktop and configuration files.
======= 06.05.2011 ============
Both changed, now unicode-enabled 
desktops may be written (but not read
by old ANSI version).


 Migration - main coolbar bands
do not remember its position in config.bin!
===== 3:31 07.05.2011 =====
Probably some changes in VCL...


 Migration - Help does not work!
====== 15:10 09.05.2011 ======
In fact, full migration assumes that NEW help
classes should be used instead of a patch unit.
However, this patch supports Unicode!


 Migration - UseBalloonDisplayMessage
option seems do not work!
=== 2:04 09.05.2011 ===
Works, but balloon title displayed incorrectly!
The reason probably is Unicode.


 Migration - When browser is shown,
(without page loading), its contents may
be not visible! and become visible only
after clicking by mouse.


 COM DMLabel coclass - download
label image from web (only WMF/EMF?). 
Use appropriate method in MainWindow.
===== 22:57 30.04.2011 =====
In QA 0118032011 - see how it is possible
to download other types of files! Maybe,
make LoadFromStream method in TPlotLabel?
But this will result in dependence on large
format-specific units like jpeg, pngimage.
===== 03:15 10.05.2011 =====
Also: both files and URLs should be supported
(load files - created by PropPage!), URLs may
be important for web-based apps; new menu item
in Labels|More - load image for selected 
rectangle label - in masterscript/ExtraCommands.


 Migration - problems with
DrawGrid, by default it has Themed
style. Probably style selection should
be added, also in the Properties dialog
a combobox for element's colors should 
be used instead of RG, with new items.
==== 10.05.2011 ====
Temporary fix applied - DrawingStyle set
in the TDataForm.FormCreate event handler.
Also in CoMain, doWorksheetProperties.


 Incorrect browser size from HTML
style attribute! All HTML pages have no unit
specifier which become an error under MSIE9!
Also, other potential compatibility problems
should be addressed: see for example this page
Namely, DM2003 HTML code uses:
1) filters - in Welcome pages and rrr.htm
2) conditionals - databrowser, dm2003.htm
WARNING!!! everything should be corrected,
including samples, dm2003 and other pages!
Also, changes should be made in DMEditor.


 Main menu bug with Aero interface theme.
When user expands personalized menu (by clicking
chevron button or otherwise), black rectangle 
flickers for a noticeable fraction of second!
This is very annoying. It was found that this
bug presents in both standard and XP menu styles
and even on DXE (where it is almost invisible
because redrawing is much faster). This bug 
disappears when menu shades are off. Interestingly,
it is not observed when popup menus are normally
appear (without personalization feature).


 Progressbar sometimes freeze when 
DM2003 performs long enough operations (longer 
than several seconds). This is very disturbing 
because its purpose is to show that app still 
alive! It was guessed that the problem related 
to the overflow of message queue (when user 
moves mouse over app window). Investigation 
reveals that it is really so! See 
test\progress_freeze for more info.
Interestingly, this bug not exists for old
Windows9.x and W2K systems!
======== 1:18 11.05.2012 ========
It was found that on Windows7 (and Vista?!) a
fix in ContainerProgress (peekmessage) is NOT
sufficient!!! Anyway ghost appears and PB stops.
So that, it was decided to disable ghosting 
entirely. Also, other troubles were fixed:
a) animation on aero theme results in incorrect
pb position (latest changes not displayed)
b) pb becomes VERY slow and slow down operations
(on XP, it's fast enough and there's no problems)
===== 3:29 23.05.2012 ==========
QA open again!!! it seems that freezing may occur
when dmw (de)compressed for a long time because
it uses SPECIAL onprogress method!!!
== 18:44 23.05.2012 ==
seems done...


 New online service - Advanced
Commands Installer! by visiting some
page user can install additional commands
(if DM2003 was installed in Typical config).
How about using online files? Is it desirable 
not to use them? In fact, it is required only
to place online installer page that checks 
whether actions are available, and a subset
of import.ini! which is imported only once 
into USER profile. On the page, remember that 
all instances of DM2003 must be closed. Also
HP spectrometer software should be published.


 COM methods - Assign() for
series, axes and labels (and, may be,
ALL other objects?) - to copy all 
properties faster and more conveniently.
Also, Index r/o (r/w?) property for
series and labels. Picture property?
In addition: instead of Picture properties
for plot and label, make label.Assign(plot),
and label.Load(filename) member.


 LegendDlg bug - if custom
legend text contains double quote, all tag 
processed incorrectly. Cure - just replace 
by 2 single quotes in input.


 Docking - save positions.
When docked window is shown, its size
set to some calculated value to avoid 
errors. This behavior may be not convenient.
Better solution - to check whether 
saved value is correct!


 Additional hdo's for modeless
dialogs. It was found that some patterns
of incorrect behaviour may be realized - 
see comments in modelessdialog.vbs sample.
Solution: just add more control on the
window title - no buttons or disable [x].
==== 30.05.2010 ====
Ok, done. BTW, all leaked dialogs anyway
will be killed by their Application owner on exit.


 If COM client holds pointer
to a Label object, COM warning
message not displayed! Reason:
this just not checked...


 Series Set_EnableGetPointEvent
calls Refresh, so that plot is updated 
many times if this property set in cycle.
Solution - call Invalidate instead!


 XML workspace import/export.
There are 2 possibilities: make it in
VCL code (may be in load/save desktop
members, by file extension - dmwz) and
using COM members (dmwx). First method
allows to save exact copy of binary DMW,
but must be implemented in DM2003 and 
potentially less portable. Second method 
has 2 directions: a) in script - easiest
but less compact, depends on installed
ActiveX; b) in provider - 2 actions for
import/export, more compact because it
can use TLB, more portable. Both methods
however can't produce full equivalent of
the DMWs. In addition to MergeDMWNotes
new OpenSaveFilter option should be made
for better user experience.
======== 1:19 24.02.2011 ============
Probably right version is a VCL-generated
compressed XML (as docx). How to check that 
all properties are saved: save, load, save
and compare two saves.
If not everything is saved, nobody will 
use this format - because binary is better.
If one needs some specific XML export, it is
already possible to implement via COM.
Also: make special DMW->XML convertor utility?


 Balloon - what if it is
displayed when MainWnd (and picture) is
below other window? 
See Balloon_background_test.htm
==== 23:50 31.05.2008 ====
problem seems to be solved


 Windows7 bug - creeping coolbar
bands in main window! it seems that
Luna implementation of comctl32 had 
a bug fixed in Aero.
==== 14:46 18.06.2010 ======
Yes, the same bug observed under
Aero in Vista (6.0.6000.??). Also,
it is in the DMEditor main window!


 Windows7 bug - System Error 87
on exit (incorrect parameter). Using
debug DCUs and remote debugging allows
to localize an error (again comctl32).
There's no this bug under Vista.


 Plot Legend - axis state.
Sometimes it may be preferred not to show
axis state lines (and maybe main line too!).
How to implement this feature? Conditional
compilation isn't good. Better is to modify
legend tag! for example, adding ',-1=' into
legend tag contents may serve as additional
flag. This method however works only if 
custom legend is used. Another ability is
to change both dmplot.pas and DMHTMLText.pas
by adding special control tag.


 Labels again. It may
be useful to hide frame around rectangle
label containing WMF! because this frame
never exist when we make insets for plot.
Also rounded rectangle - to do?
This is a part of more general problem:
we must provide access (UI and COM!) to
pen and brush - not only Visible and
Transparent, but setting psClear/bsClear.
This will solve the problem. Transparency
will become obsolete!


 Series properties dialog -
small button that inserts associated
column label (from the columns list!)
into the Text field. Very useful.
=== 14.07.2009 ===
No! combos filled with HTML2Texted
values. Find worksheet, or...?!
WARNING: combos filled separately, so
we must not assume about their contents.


 Change registry key for metaBase
class object! see scripts for details.


 New label type (or function
of square label): display metafile! But
how to add metafile? via PasteFromClipboard!
If clipboard contains metafile, label 
creates and assigns it. This may be
useful for inserts on complex plots.
The size of WMF adjusted to the label
size, WMF cannot be deleted (but can
be replaced with another one).
=== 16:50 21.07.2009 ===
To remember picture, published property
must be added to all label types! BTW,
all labels may display this graphic -
as a background? Also RoundRect label
type may be added. Also, this property
may reference TPlot - so inserts may 
be made easily with live update?
More consistent solution however will
be to keep picture (WMF only) private
and draw it only for rectangle label


 PlotPointClick event bug.
If DM2003 invoked as out-of-process 
server (Exp.exe, vb_event.htm) with 
event support, all tools based on 
PlotPointClick stop working! because
if no handler, TDMApplication.PlotPointClick
returns false and stops event processing in
======= 1:56 02.03.2009 ======
In fact, behaviour of Exp.exe, vb_event.htm
is OK! But .Net apps always fails. New 
version may affect ONLY multiple events
for same object, e.g. several providers.


 Out of buffer in ShowHelp.
Reason: if file path transmitted, and both
path and help file are too long, MAX_PATH
may be not sufficient! Test: MPMS Import
wizard Help, while DM2003 and help are in


 Labels scaling problem.
When axis expression is assigned, label
coordinates are not affected, so labels
may disappear. This behaviour is not
consistent with series behaviour.
However, labels used as additional
axis elements must not be scaled!
Also, we have to make new method 
like Plot.OnGetPoint to parse expression
===== 15:46 30.07.2009 =====
In fact, there may be situations 
when label should be scaled together
with axis and together with series!
The latter can use Plot.OnGetPoint
(although its implementation must 
be changed). Certainly, there should
be new flag or scaling mode. Also,
Page mode may be added (like Frame,
but using whole plot size).


 Z order (series, areas, labels).
now we can only determine whether areas
painted just before their series or 
before ALL series. However, other modes
can be considered - for example, series
above or below labels, may be individually -
each label have appropriate flag. Or, the plot
may have special property.


 Installer - modified registry settings.
Now, we have to provide newuser.reg that may be NOT
processed by users. This is not good! We MUST do
it automatically. The best way is NOT to check 
individual parameters where they are used, but just
copy installer-configured ones from HKLM to HKU
if no appropriate entries exist. This check should
be performed at startup, just before reading registry.
This feature especially necessary for custom setups
like test one without scripter.dll


 Command import - toolbars.
Since in Notes, Browser and Series Manager 
toolbars have the same name (ActionToolBar), 
it's impossible to import items! They always
added into Browser..
=== also added new functionality (add items
to popup menus, delete/replace actions).


ctodo : IDMApplicationEvents - Reopen files.
Вместо того, чтобы экспонировать "список" - коллекцию
последних открытых файлов - что довольно бессмысленно,
поскольку для Reopen все равно используется нестандартная
Action - можно вместо этого генерировать событие в 
TMainForm.LoadFile при клике Reopen Action и открытии
файлов из командной строки. Таким образом, параллельный 
код из dm2003 и masterscript удастся убрать, заодно 
решив известную проблему ШАБЛОНОВ файлов данных!!!
=== ?? Вопрос: как быть с d'n'd - надо передавать 
target window в параметре ?? ===
========= 18.09.2009 ====================
Solution: not LoadFile but LoadDataFile!


 AppPropsDlg - merge DMW Notes.
New flag in dialog (along with CheckPaths, 
and others...). If true, notes from DMW 
is appended to Notes editor instead of 
replacing all existing text. No warning 
====== 13:50 18.10.2008 ======
This feature could be implemented at script 
level! But it requires d'n'd and cmd line 
handling - since at present we can only
trap File Open calls.


ctodo : TDMWebBrowser.FireEventHandler
does not return changes of Arguments!
This is critical for PlotGetPoint event.
Also in DM2003 FireHTMLDialogEvent function
in unit BrwsrDlg does not return result!
Changed version of DMWebBrowser unit doesn't
work! But the solution exists - see details in 


cbug :
Errors in TDataForm.SetViewState
the problem is that the code tries to 
focus invisible windows. Just fixed.


ctodo : New hardcoded Action - Offline!
Поскольку из браузера есть доступ только R/O,
предлагается закодировать в MainWnd.pas. Можно,
конечно, вызывать DLLHelper, но это не очень
удобно. А нужно это поскольку в программе почти
все файлы можно читать из инета!
======= 3:05 10.05.2008 ==========
NO!!! NEW IDMApp3 property instead!!!


 COM - property BrushType: enum 
for hatched background of labels and series 
(areas and symbols) - IDMLabel2, IDMSerie3.
This property allow to make BW printouts.


 COM - DMAxis.InnerTicks


 COM - DMPlot - New props.
r/w boolean wrappers of TPlot.AreaSeries (ClipPoints?)
and TPlot.AutoScaleLabels properties.


 COM - New label features.
4 PinModeXX and Transparent r/w properties, new
constants in labelkind enumeration, new pinmode 
======= 20:06 18.01.2009 ===========
Maybe we should include into pinmode 
enumeration code for secondary axis?


 COM - Linked axis feature.
R/w property IDMAxis3.IsLinked - just VCL wrapper.


 COM - AreaBorder property.
r/w prop AreaBorder: IDispatch (X, Y Axis or another Serie)


 COM - Error Bars (DMSerie).
2 r/w wrapper props ErrorX,YColumn: long.


 COM Leader Position (DMSerie)
Add r/w wrapper property, and in the script - 
bool flag (action) "Move Point Marker". If 
this flag is True, OnPlotPointClick will 
change that property!


 COM Plot margins - DMAxis
(TitleMargin,   LabelMargin) and DMPlot - 
xxxMargin: int (4 шт, или индекс?), AutoSize: bool; 
make 'advanced' actions for plot mode 
and automargins flag!


 COM Axis Expression visibility


cbug : DMMajorVersion=3 - change value in 
TLB, Scripter and DMEditor (CC) - troubles.txt


cbug : CommandImport - items in popup
menus don't work if linked to user
actions! The reason is trivial: first, the 
code was checked when ImportCommandsAlways 
was called after ImportCommands. But there
was a problem with coolbands position, and
anyway the best moment for delete/replace 
design-time actions is before ImportCommands. 
However, as a side effect, this change results
in this new bug!


cbug : Protected directive in the
enumerator objects (see troubles.txt)


 Zombie BUG - state not checked.
function TDMDocument.Get_Container: IDispatch;
  Result:=FContainer as IDispatch;
if DMDocument is a zombie, this code
presumably will get an error. We should
just check, as in WindowCaption!
see Zombie_QA0122022009.vbs test


 Legend label - include
individual series feature. It will allow 
to make different legends, such as showing 
only data series but not fits or imitate 
multi - column legends. How to: new property
- Series: string, which contains comma-delimited
numbers of series. Much better approach - not
to make new legend-specific property and use
specially formatted Text instead: for such
formatted text, it is interpreted as legend
series order, and text not displayed. Special 
button and visual order editor in properties
dialog box also would be useful! Also we could
place series order string between special
tags and manually remove this portion of text,
while the rest of text rendered as usual!!!
=== 2:02 14.10.2008 ===
See legend_QA0113092008.dmw


 ErrorBars - zero value.
Zero value may be used as an indicator
that error bar should NOT be displayed.
This feature make simpler data arrays,
because we will be able to have several 
independently displayed error columns
in one window
=== 2:02 14.10.2008 ===
See zero_errbar_QA0110092008.dmw


 New COM Event - OnStart.
In this handler all code for displaying
Welcome page at startup may be moved from
Delphi code. Also any initializations that
require already loaded UI (including user actions)
may be placed here, such as enabling commands
that have no OnUpdate and may be disabled.


 ActionBands - disabling
actions. Following experiment can be made:
1) make script with error (next 3 lines)
dim aaaa
2) make a file (1.vbs) and add it as user script,
make a copy of config.bin!
3) run DM2003 and CONTINUE! (ignore error in splash)
all commands defined in masterscript will be 
4) delete file 1.vbs (and user script) and
run DM2003 again. 
ShowMonitorAction and all linked UI items will
be disabled!!! the only remedy is to delete
action and create it again by hands. This bug
observed for ALL actions without OnUpdate handler.
======= 20:33 22.05.2006 ======
The reason is in TDMUserAction.UpdateTarget: if 
action not exists, it is disabled and this state 
remembered in config.bin; later, when error fixed,
it cannot be enabled since there's no OnUpdate.
At the moment, there's no good solution because 
UpdateTarget behavior is correct.
======= 13:41 01.11.2009 =======
THERE IS a solution!!! in script editor, run
and the action will be enabled again!!!
We should place such code in OnStart event handler.
======= 22:40 05.12.2009 =======
Ok. BUT! the troubles only with USER actions!!


 Command import improvement.
Now we have ImportCommands and 
ImportCommandsOnce keys, and if 
no config.bin, both processed!
However, if we adding commands by
page-installer and config.bin recreated,
vbs processed while UI - not! It
would be useful to allow to add similar
entries in both keys, so that new
items may be added after config 
created AND re-created! So we can
consider to disable processing 
of ImportCommandsOnce if NO config.bin
file found.


 Arrow label - Text alignment.
It would be useful to have ability to
change text position (now text is 
centered in relation to point)


 New COM method - Close.
It was discovered (autotest.htm) that
it's impossible to terminate DM2003 from 
external process without COM warning.
So that, the reason for App.Close is 
the same as for Doc.Close


 Plot point caching.
In fact, both normal and functional series 
may be cached! however, caching data series 
require additional support from higher level 
software. By contrast, functional series 
caching needs modification only for series.
We can propose following interface:
* TSerie.IsCached: bool r/w
If true, series use caching. by default, 
false; set to true when IsFunction set to true.
* TSerie.InvalidateCache() - sub w/o par.
just clears cache (mostly internally, 
from prop setters), also may be called 
when data are changed for data series
Private fields - cache pointer (dynarray) 
and size (int, 0 means empty)
Cache may be float - with min changes in code, 
and integer - which involves almost all 
propsetters. The latter takes less memory 
and painted faster. Code may be simplified 
because we have common method for changing 
(updating) plot invoked by all propsetters.
==== 12:10 23.11.2009 ====
It was realized that float-to-int
conversion is much more quick than
painting itself. Also int = 4 bytes
vs float = 10 bytes - not so much, and
3 additional issues to be concerned:
a) this feature required for functional
series and b) implementation does not
depend on series type and c) we should NOT
expose new COM members since it may break
existing code and makes code overcomplicated. 
In summary: implement for both series types,
but cache is float, and code changes are
only in TSerie object


 COM - plot point caching.
Published property may be a member of
interface. Also it may be set as a 
side effect in COM setter for functional
series, to improve existing code without
any changes


 Rich text in DAQ wizard.
We could define formatting in column captions.
In this case we could opt to exclude this
formatting in Templates (for Expsettings).
Also UI in DAQ wizard should be slightly
modified to enable convenient enter html.


 NewDlg in Large font mode.
ListView has incorrect size and position!

====== 0:42 08.02.2009 ========== No code changes as in LabelDlg; instead Scaled reversed to initial false value!


 XML syntax highlighter - for XML
desktop/data files, applets, etc?


 Code completion and proposal
=== 13.06.06 ===
By this moment some hardcoded version was made with
fixed identifier tables. Of course, it is very useful, 
but one should wish much more... see help on CC unit
in the dmeditor.mpb ModelMaker project.
====== 2:37 20.02.2011 =================
Today, it was decided to add processing 
of variables explicitly marked as objects.
At least, in VB (as comments). Also, may be 
HTML objects (IDs) may be processed?
====== 3:04 23.02.2011 =================
Now CC unit almost completely rewritten.
Although it is not a true IntelliSense,
it is good enough and hardly can be improved
without further substantial efforts.


 Provider interface bug.
Because Action parameters in 
IDMActionProvider interface 
were declared as variant, Delphi
used non-standard pascal string
variants. As a result, .Net marshaller
was unable to process such parameters.
Declaration changed to OleVariant, so 
in DM2003 (DMUserAction.pas) string 
assignments forced to BSTR variants.


 Digitizer - remember state.
It would be useful if there are several series
on the plot to be digitized, so that user does
not have to define frame and coordinates again.
However, while it is possible to remember 
coordinates, frame position requires additional
COM properties! (as Plot.MarginXXX). Also 
Picture property may be added.
There is another solution - just make it 
modeless as Epsilon.htm in applets! This
behavior may be by special flag in AppOptions.
Also support for other picture formats may be
added to the component (w/o interface changes)


 ActiveXs from DMForms cause
MSIE crash! While running in DM2003 and
CHM correctly. MSIE crashes with Runtime
Error 217 message. It was observed on 
both SM (IE6) and USN27 (IE8) machines.
Possible reason: DMForms TLB references
DM2003 TLB version 2.0!!!!!
== 1:14 30.11.2009 ==
OK as tested on SM machine. But changing
version is a real trick - because project
can't be loaded in D7 IDE! so I have to 
register old dm2003.exe, change used tlib,
repair affected elements, save... But finally
one-byte change was made by HxD hex editor!


 LM minimal point number.
In LMFit.pas, minimal point number seems 
to be number of parameters: 
Nvar := Nparam - Nfixed; if Nvar >= Npts
However, in Wrapper.pas another check:
if (NumPoints


 Labels - if legend-specific tag
is added, HTML editor has a trouble!
See [test]\QA0128062011.PNG for details.


 Zoom in\out with modifiers. If
user holds ctrl or shift to select whole
range on x/y axis, the scale slightly
changes! This is most easily detected in 
Normal ticks mode. The reason is obvious -
selection area is 1 pixel greater!


 Label text orientation 
incorrectly saved in DMWs. If a text label
saved in DMW with topleft orientation, it
will obtain centered orientation after load!
see desktop file for additional information.


 Leader is not visible if
it is outside axis frame, but Clipping
is OFF (and points are visible!)


 Point editor - change only
one coordinate when holding Shift or Alt 
in the same manner as for Zoom. Frequently 
user needs to move only one coordinate


 Cursors - if label moving or
translation prohibited by expressions, cursor 
must be changed. Also it's better to display
messagebox instead of OnError for labels.
=== 18:46 10.01.2010 ===
The latter is done (only for MouseDown!).
In setters we must use OnError, otherwise
several messageboxes may appear as a result
of script or dialog box settings.


 Axis properties dialog box.
a) open plot with new window, then display
properties for X2 axis. b) Set axis visible
and linked. Grid checkbox will be disabled
(after linked=true). c) Then click Show labels
checkbox - Grid checkbox will be ENabled!!
This error also was found in build 343.


 Worksheet Expression Copy.
When Worksheet copies cells, it copies
both text and TRealData. We could copy
data transformed by expressions.
This, however, may conflict with 
format - since we copy item's text 
instead of formatted text...
NO!!! formatted text copied!!!


 Adjustable tick size.
Visually (like margin) - may be not 
convenient; alternative - in Properties 
dialog box! However, AutoMargin may 
affect this property as well.
====== 3:43 12.01.2009 ======
It was decided that plot automargin is
not appropriate to control this feature.
Really, it is set in dialog, not visually.
This is similar to label margins, 
calculated by font size.


 Plot Margins and label positions.
Налицо некая несогласованность... у меток есть 
относительные (в %) и абсолютные (float) координаты,
хотя правильнее было бы давать пользователю 
возможность выбирать. С Margins хуже: 
абсолютные координаты в точках работают очень плохо
при изменении размера графика - их можно использовать
только как Margins (а может, так и надо?) Или же 
в качестве выбора для меток - целые абсолютные 
координаты. Важно, чтобы при изменении размеров 
графика (например для печати) компоненты "правильно"
смещались друг относительно друга
=== 14:01 17.06.2008 ===
У каждой координаты (или точки - одной из двух?)
будет один из режимов: (а) float координата соотв.
оси (б) процент от графика (в) целое margin относит.
выбранной оси. Это + 2(4) свойства. Совместно с
QA0106062008 (Margins графика и подписей осей)
это позволит делать спецграфики. Да, чуть не 
забыл: для привязки к целочисленным координатам 
ОСИ надо еще один режим в случае Automargin 
графика, когда margin оси не определен.
Дополнительные типы меток: линия - то же что и 
стрелка, но без стрелки и текста; в отличие от 
серии, позволяет привязку к integer координатам 
элемента графика; окружность - то же самое, одна
координата - центр, другая - радиус? нужна для 
в основном для полярных графиков. Это будет 
просто еще 2 простых типа меток. Навороченное 
рисование объектов НЕ нужно, поскольку рисунки
можно и НУЖНО готовить другим пакетом. Можно 
рассмотреть метку типа метафайл, со свойством
IPicture для СОМ объекта.
Width и Height у меток НЕ БУДЕТ!!


 Plot label bug.
If text label contains ONLY legend tags,
'label text undefined' will be not displayed!
This is because this text removed by 
HTMLTextOut, while test in Paint() not passed.
==== 14:27 17.10.2008 ====
Notice that 'empty' labels may created in 
earlier versions! e.g. legend with space or
CRLF, or just blank...


 Preview of axis labels in 
pmMargins mode - if we set this mode, 
then show and hide axis, preview frame
around tick labels will be erroneously
displayed! it will hide only if labels
are hidden too.


 Plot Label - Assertion failed
if change pinning mode from frame to Top Scale*.
How to reproduce: just make default window and
text label, and use Set Properties dialog.
Interestingly, Frame to Top Scale or other
to Top Scale* does not trigger assertion!


 Status text and time labels.
If axis displays in date/time, status
text must be appropriate!


 Axis properties dialog.
Controls for input scale as date/time
do not work! try to change year.
==== 3:14 23.01.2011 =====
This found to be a known problem in VCL.
Workaround applied.


 New point types. Now 
only 5 point types! while it's very 
easy to add several new types: only
DrawPoint procedure and additional 
constants in TPointType.


 Label and WMF - copy/paste.
It is not easy to decide how rectangle
label must behave on copying and pasting.
Previous versions does not transfer WMF
through clipboard, however it seems more
naturally if whole data will be engaged.


 Unicode migration (Delphi XE)


 TSerie.AddPoint - FixupPen not used
so thick lines always plotted solid


 TSerie.IsCacheEnabled property
is not copied onto clipboard!
Also it is not Assigned!


 Point Editor rubber thread
bug. On some machines (Vista/USN27,
ConnectixW98) sometimes traces after
rubber thread moving appear. This is 
because a check for a change in X/Y
position - in alternative modes this
bug is not detected.


 TAxis.Assign() does not copy
DateTimeFormat. How to reproduce:
make window, set axis format to
date/time and clone window.


 Error bar size in addition
to point size - simple but useful.
LeaderSize also may be implemented!


ctodo : 
Expression history list may be filled with long
fit expressions when user change fit series 
properties. So we should add only modified
expression in Axis and Series dialogs.


 Axis with ticks and without
labels: such feature needed for 2-panel 
plots, where axes have similar scale and
title. New VCL (and COM) property, and
a good work in TAxis.Paint


 Margins support.
Now only one option - plot mode - is available.
1) in this mode users can move axis titles in
addition to plot frame. However, title has NO
absolute position like margin - by moving it,
user set integer distance between title and axis,
and something (?) along the axis
2) how to remember: new axis props? stored 
if some function (plot automargin) return true?
Is this required for compatibility?
3) COM support: only Automargin property, or
full set of margins?
4) make 'advanced' actions for plot mode 
and automargins flag!


 Leader property.
We don't need TPlot.MoveLeader: boolean or move 
leader mode in TPlot - all these functionality 
can be implemented in script, in OnClickPoint.
Just add r/w property LeaderPosition: int


 Error Bars у серий данных


 AreaBorder property.
And changes in SerieDlg. See main todo for details.


 Linked axis feature


cbug : TWorksheet - if FixedColCount=0,
filled cell for SelectAll should be not shown!


cbug : TWorksheet - in DrawCell we should
check whether header has HTML and pass
appropriate value instead of True constant.
Otherwise, plain text may be painted with
undesirable vertical shift. This bug is
ONLY if AlignRight=false!!!


cbug : Series AreaBorder visibility
is not controlled by Visible property.
It was decided that Visible property
must affect Areas for more consistency.


 Axis Grid lines attributes.
It may be useful to add special 
pen for drawing axis grid lines


 Axis Grid lines bug.
If grid line differs from axis line,
it may be painted OVER axis, so that
plot will look like strange!
===== 20:32 17.02.2011 =====
Finally fixed in build after 394!


 PropServ dispatching error 
in Delphi code (see proppageautotest.dpr).
Scripts work fine! The reason is that Delphi
calls method while scripting engine - property.


 Metabase dispatch object returns
description for description file itself!


 Scrollbars in Sample Properties
dialog box!!! why absent? all memos should have
the same style and behavior


 JPEGs in Sample Properties
dialog box!!! since we use webcam for images,
24bpp pictures are too inefficient (large files).
Just add jpeg unit.


 JPEG support (PropSmpl.pas)
Online jpegs not loaded!!! see example test:


 Support for GIF images in sample
properties dialog. See readme in test/IPicture.
GIFs may be downloaded as well. Also it is
possible to add image acquisition from
web camera (WIA services).


 Get Image Wizard - if used, 
DM2003 process locked! This
is probably COM-related bug.
No problems with other hosts.
====== 22:55 06.02.2011 =====
Problem solved by replacing
Automation by plain COM. However,
this bug still may be observed.


 Get Image Wizard - help article
and correct HelpFile in PropImgW.dfm


 If property pages are displayed for
a file with insufficient access rights (or
description file exists but inaccessible),
property page handler crashes. This is 
applicable for all property pages. How to
reproduce: copy data, description and dmw
file, disable access for Users group and
test. What to do: as well as system Details
page, on initialization, we should check 
access and just ignore file with troubles!
======== 2:40 04.04.2012 ===============
The problem was more or less solved. Now
it is tested whether file handle is accessible
before other operations, and if no, no pages
are displayed (as for other system proppages).
However, if unaccessible file is the FIRST 
one for which host application creates property
page, the host will be destroyed. The reason is
known - unlike normal case when proppage.dll
captured in memory after first use and until
host is alive, failed first use results in
premature releasing COM server and immediate
death of the server hosting app. Maybe this
situation may be avoided by returning some
special result code, or otherwise.


 PNG support in Get Image Wizard
and Sample Properties dialog. The latter
requires more than adding uses pngimage
because of downloading issues.


 GIF and PNG support on W9.x fails!
==== 20:14 27.03.2011 ====
It was determined that the origin of bug
is PNG Delphi code, while GIFs are OK.


 PropSmpl - probably EMF image can't
be downloaded (add EMF extension check).


 (De)compression progress form is NOT
modal! As a result, user can, for example, 
to activate property page dialog and click
other controls. This is very inconsistent.
=== 1:46 09.05.2012 ===
Very simple and straightforward solution
found (although not 100% perfect), 
comparing to test\progress_modal.


 PropImgC.dfm + large font mode =
clutter! Buttons become invisible - beyond
form boundary, and cannot be clicked.


 Installer - replace newuser.reg.
we should first read settings from HKLM, 
then from HKU - both PAS and scripts!!!
===== 06.01.2010 =====
All done but Objects and InitLibraryName.
First needs too much code changes and
hardly will be used in installers; second 
just not interesting either.


 nlsf.htm - copy axes tickmode.
Since now (QA0130072008) functional series 
have log base, we can directly fit curves
with log-x axis (and y too!)
=== 1:57 28.01.2009 ===
Also linearfit.htm and linearfit.htm2 modified


 Bug in masterscript (DiffSmooth).
The script works bad if X is a date time!
However, correct version was already created
(see scripts in [generator\input\] folder).


 Paste action bug - the command does 
not work for WMF in some combination of
Ins/Owr and App Options flags.


 Notes SaveAs always append
DescExtension to filename, as in case of DMW. In
result, it's impossible to save file with other
extension, which may be useful (unlike DMW case).
Solution - obvious: just remove the check.


 Window list improvements.
Now window list become inconvenient if 
number of windows become greater than 
a dozen, and/or windows have long titles.
Variable-size list required. Also, this 
dialog should contain buttons for some 
actions - namely, set all windows in some
state, or contrarily, minimize or restore
windows with some state, or windows that 
have nonempty series. GLY dmws may be 
used as examples


 Fitters bug - NLSF and maybe
others. To fill weight column, active doc's
worksheet is used instead of that of current
(fitting) series! Wrong if series references
data from another window.


 Rich text - COM support.
We must add func HTML2Text(str):str (see 
idmxxx3.txt for details). Then, we must
update Plot Data Wizard, NLSF Fitter Tool,
Multi-X NLSF Tool, Scroller Tool.
Updates are: (a) combos (BTW, we should
also upgrade nlsf.htm for par. indices
and width, as nlsf2!) (b) !!! fitting
results saved in Notes (c) add results
in the label?


 Run some tool (e.g. Linear Fitter) from link at
Sources page, when no data windows. Then
create new window and close it. You will get
a beep and error message.


 We could consider using Insert
flag on Series operations - Paste in plot 
and Series Mgr (and d'n'd in Delphi code?).
========= 22:55 10.05.2008 =============
WARNING: if no series and labels, but plot.canpaste=true,
we can't know what object is on clipboard! And we can't
control pasteaction_update for seriesmgr...
If we would add labels.canpaste, we can define whether
series on clipboard if plot.canpaste=true and
labels.canpaste=false (unless we add new type of 
objects!!!) Another solution - add canpaste method to
application with parameters - type of requested object.
======== 15:43 09.07.2010 =============
Now, Server.CanPaste allows to determine the object.
Also, it is required to make an option (or two?) in
the AppProperties dialog box, unchecked by default.


 Bug in masterscript (line 1105).
If no window and additional commands installed, 
Paste Range command added to main menu. As a 
result, error displayed in status bar if no 
data windows are opened when Series submenu 
is opened, because OnUpdate does not check 
whether data window is available. Series Mgr 
must be active window !!!
Solution: just add this check.


 New coclass - implements levmar code (BC!).
It is important to retain compatibility
between both objects in order to simplify
client code and allow to choose objects.


 levmar - event support. Progress event
and function/derivative events. It seems 
that new event interface should be introduced,
as well as new enum for event handling mode.
Maybe OnProgress should be called from user 
function, it should check whether parameters 
are changed and call event if yes. Also new
events must be as compatible as possible.
=== No! ===
We should support X variable as in old case.
Otherwise we'll need global X because unlike
math problems, real-world problems are Y(X)
functions fitting.


 levmar - ability to fix parameters.
Maximum compatibility is a primary requirement.
From user code, there should be no differences 
between old and new component.


 levmar - String expression support.
Just add wrapper.pas and new fitting function.


 levmar - implement BC.
Probably the best place to pass box constraints 
is a Sigmas property! together with parameter
fix flags. Maybe also additional option should
be considered for explicit mode selection.
Other constraints modes also may be added.


 levmar - Weighting! It was noted 
in levmar code docs that weighting 
may be implemented externally.


ctodo : levmar - process zero Delta option 
as in DMFitter, by replacing with default. 
Also, opts[] cannot be set to 0!!


 levmar - in the release version
BCB library w/o dependencies and applet for
DM2003 should be made. After these 2 items,
it may be included into DM2003 setup.