DMForms Type Library

Version: 2.0
DMForms Library (DM2003 ActiveX controls)

GUID: {673AAF00-9A0B-11D4-B2A4-FD6847C75367}

DMForms Type Library includes enumerations, coclasses and interfaces exposed by the dmforms.ocx unit. This type library depends on the DM2003 type library, so that it must be also registered if you want to create objects registered in dmforms.ocx.

DMForms, in fact, extends object model of the DM2003 application and Microsoft Internet explorer, which is used for custom user interface rendering. However, these objects are not necessary to run DM2003 core and only implement several additional functions.
You may use controls exposed by DMForms in your DM2003 extensions. Besides, there's a lot of ActiveX controls preinstalled on your machine as well as available for separate installation.

It should be specially noticed that DMForms controls were thoroughly tested only in scripting environments like web pages.

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TxBevelCut TxBevelKind TxComboBoxStyle  


DMListBox DMComboBox DMSpinEdit DMListItems
DMExpressionComboBox DMFloatEdit DMIniFile DMRegistry
DMDigitizer DMDigitizerContainer DMComPort DMComTerminal
DMClientSocket DMTimer DMDLLHelper DMAppHelper


IDMListControl IDMControlEvents IDMEditControl IDMRegIniFile
IDMDigitizer IDMIOPort IDMIOPortEvents IDMTimer
IDMTimerEvents IDMDLLHelper