Advanced Data Acquisition

If your data acquisition system is based on single measurement unit, you can use HTML Wizard to create appropriate HTML application. However, many real-world measurement facilities combine several instruments with different programming interfaces and data flow timings. In addition, typical data acquisition application may involve signal commutation and sweep (scanner) features. With new Measurement System Wizard tool available in the DM2003 Script Editor (Help|Wizards|DAQ Wizard), you can easily create sophisticated DHTML applications for DM2003, including synchronization code for several measurement instruments like DMMs, DACs and commutators, in a few mouse clicks.

     Data Acquisition Application      Data Acquisition Application configuration
Screenshots of HTML application created by Measurement System Wizard

To be usable by this wizard, any device must have appropriate driver - special software component that controls particular measurement instrument. This article describes how to create HTML device drivers, and provides step-by-step instructions how to use these drivers with Measurement System Wizard. Click links below for more details on:

See also DAQ samples installed with Script Editor (click Help|Home in the DM2003 main menu to display Welcome page, then click Browse Samples link, select Programmer's Guide Samples and click DAQ Samples link to display detailed index). These files are located in the [SAMPLES] folder in the installation folder.