Customize Menu and Toolbars

This window should be used to manage DM2003 main menu and toolbars. It allows you to add or remove toolbars on the Main Form, configure main menu and toolbars in any window and change their properties. When this window is visible, main menu and all toolbars are in design mode and may be edited by standard drag-and-drop operations. After you close it, menu items and toolbar buttons become operable again. Controls grouped into three tabs:

Toolbars Tab:

Actions Tab:

Options Tab:

Settings made in this window are remembered in the config.bin file which can be found in the installation folder (or [%AppData%\RRR\DM2003 folder]). If menus or toolbars seem to be seriously damaged, exit DM2003 and delete this file.

In addition to the manual configuration, you may use Command Import feature to add new user interface items automatically by special applications or in the custom setups. See also DM2003 User Interface Architecture article for more details about actions and user interface elements.