Application Properties Dialog

This dialog box should be used to change various parameters that are global for DM2003 application. Its controls are grouped on three tabs: General properties, File Types and Scripter properties.

General Tab:

File Types Tab:

UAC ShieldWarning: file types are system-wide, shared settings. If a file type was already associated with some application, this association may be replaced. Also keep in mind that you must delete file types before you uninstall DM2003. On systems with UAC feature (Vista/7/8) all programs are running by default with lowered privileges even if user actually is logged in as an administrator. As a result, you must explicitly select "Run as administrator" command from shell context menu if you intend to create (or delete) file associations.

Scripter Tab:

Includes various parameters defined in the master script file that implements the most of DM2003 user-level functionality. Since you may modify this script, you may easily add new options onto this tab or change default set of options. This page also may have UI elements for various application properties available programmatically through Server.Options.

If you check "Save settings on exit" flag, Application Properties will be remembered in the Windows registry.