Data Master 2003 can accumulate, visualize and analyze huge arrays of numeric data produced by various test and measurement equipment. You may think of DM2003 as a programmable, multi-channel virtual X-Y recorder with a lot of editing and analysis features and built-in universal RS-232C interface. However, it can be used at any stage of data lifecycle, from registration and editing to modeling and documentation.

Typical applications may involve automation of post-process, control laboratory data acquisition or monitoring industrial OPC-compatible SCADA system. DM2003 especially suitable for scientists who would like to make high-performance, precise measurements in the experimental research, and it became the tool of choice for thousands of users in companies and universities worldwide. Several examples of measurement instruments and experimental facilities automated with DM2003 in our laboratories briefly listed below:

Digital Multimeters:

Devices with RS232 interface: Keithley 2000 and 2002 high-performance multimeters; Keithley 2182 nanovoltmeter, Keithley 6517A electrometer, Keithley 2400 sourcemeter, Goodwill GDM-8246 and APPAtech APPA-207 universal multimeters. GPIB-based voltmeters: B7-40/5 and B7-43. Keithley 2182 nanovoltmeter

Other Equipment:

A set of power supply units for superconducting magnets, Hewlett-Packard (now Agilent) HP4191A 1-1000 MHz impedance analyzer, USSR-made E7-12 1 MHz AC bridge, Instek LCR 819 multifunctional impedance meter, 16-bit self-made DACs, van der Pauw commutators with 4x4 matrix for DC resistivity measurements, temperature controllers, specialized hardware for measurements of Hall coefficient, I-V characteristics (point contact spectra), etc. Power supply unit for superconducting magnet

Experimental facilities: