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Data Master 2003 provides a wide set of data visualization features. Commands in this category (by default, located in the View submenu of the main menu) should be used to control visual data presentation.


Title Description
Plot Show only plot view
Worksheet Show only worksheet view
Both Show both views
Go To Line Scroll worksheet to the selected line
Set Plot Color Select plot color from dialog box palette
In-place Editor Enable or disable In-place Editor
Plot Lines Plot worksheet selection in the new window
Plot Lines Plot worksheet selection in the current series
Scroller Tool Scroller and Series Selector Tool
Ruler Tool Ruler Tool (Hold Alt key to rotate!)

Plot Lines Action Details:

Copies selection of the worksheet referenced by current serie into the serie's data range. First and last lines copied from worksheet selection, X and Y columns copied from values displayed in the worksheet header (see keyboard shortcuts how to quickly select the range of worksheet lines and set X,Y column values).

Note: if this command invoked from the worksheet's context menu, worksheet selection will be plotted in the new data window.

Scroller Tool Action Details:

Scroller tool should be used to scroll worksheet referenced by the clicked plot serie to the clicked point and select (or make current) clicked serie. Besides, Scroller displays information about clicked serie and point in the status line of the main window.

Ruler Tool Action Details:

Ruler tool extremely convenient to determine curve slope, or local derivative value. Ruler may be moved (just press left mouse button and move mouse pointer) and rotated (hold Alt key when moving horizontally). Appropriate line equation displayed in the status line of the main window. Plot data in the linearizing coordinates and use Ruler tool to find curve parameters.