Series Action Category

Every plot has 8 preconfigured series (and you can add, delete or rearrange series). To be displayed, serie must reference a valid range of worksheet data, otherwise it is invisible and treated as "empty". Initially all series are empty and you need to define data range in order to display curves. Data range includes following values: worksheet, first and last line, X and Y columns of the selected worksheet. If any of these values are invalid, or first line is greater than last line, data range also is invalid. Hence, all you need to plot data is to correctly set data range of the selected plot serie.

Alternatively, you can define symbolic expressions and display arbitrary functions using functional, or parametric series that doesn't require reference to the numeric data.

Use Serie Properties dialog box or Serie Manager window to work with plot series.


Title Description
Clear Series Clear data range of current plot series
Add Series Add new empty plot series
Move Up Move selected series up
Move Down Move selected series down
Rename Rename selected serie
Paste Data Range Paste data range into the current series object
Select Lines Set worksheet selection to the data range of current series
Series ListBox Select current serie from the list

Clear Series Action Details:

Sometimes you may want to hide serie without loss of its numerous visual attributes. In DM2003, you have two choices: either hide, or "clear" serie (made it empty by setting XColumn=YColumn=FirstLine=LastLine=-1. Empty series are marked by red "X" icon and not displayed.

Select Lines Action Details:

This command selects worksheet cells referenced by the data range of the current serie. Keep in mind that in DM2003 worksheet referenced by the serie may belong to another data window (by default, all preconfigured and newly created series reference worksheet of the same window).

Series ListBox Action Details:

This action represents Series drop-down list control. You may create special toolbar and use it instead of Series Manager as shown on the screenshot below:

Series drop-down list