Help Action Category

These commands provide access to the DM2003 online help. In addition, you can obtain version information and check Internet website for updates.

Notice: you may invoke context-sensitive help system in all DM2003 menus by clicking F1 key. Help buttons and pop-up topics also available in the dialog boxes.


Title Description
About Display version information
Check Updates Check DM2003 website for updates
Contents Display Help Contents
&Topic Search Topic Search
Plot Data Wizard Run Plot Data Wizard to display a curve

Check Updates Action Details:

Check Updates command downloads and extracts version information from the DM2003 PAD file (see ASP home page for more details about PAD technology). This feature helps you always keep DM2003 software up-to-date.

Plot Data Wizard Action Details:

This command runs Plot Data Wizard - a tool specially designed to help new users to visualize numeric data with DM2003 software. It works something like Plot Lines actions from View Action Category, but performs additional checks and allows you to open data files.