Fitting Action Category

Commands from this category act on the data range from the current serie and allows you to perform curve fitting.

What is fitting? Suppose that you have a table of numbers, Yi and Xi, i=0..n. Then suppose that you have model representation for these numeric Y(X) data: Y=f(X,pj), j=1..m, and you want to find numeric values of pj that made table-defined curve Yi( Xi) and model curve Y=f(X,pj) most similar. This process is known as fitting. If model function has linear dependence on fitting parameters, this can be treated as linear fitting, otherwise you will have non-linear fitting problem.

It should be mentioned that both linear and NLSF fitters are accessible via OLE Automation (see Programmer's Guide for more details). This feature allows you to create powerful automatic routines for initial NLSF parameter evaluation and batch fitting.

Warning: Linear Fit, LM Fit and Manual Fit tools are loaded into the Browser window. So that, any application running in this window will be terminated!


Title Description
Linear Fit Linear fitter with several predefined functions
LM Fit Non-linear Levenberg-Marquardt fitter
Lorentzian Fit Lorentzian peak fitter with parameter preprocessing
Manual Fit Manual parameter variation
Gaussian Fit Gaussian peak fitter with parameter preprocessing
Straight Line Fit data with straight line