Why need to register?

Although registration is free and not necessary to continue using this product, you should register it if you would like to obtain new versions of the software in future. Besides, this is a good opportunity to let me know your opinion about this project or ask for new features. Information collected at the registration used only to estimate how many copies of DM2003 are installed.

How to register DM2003

Select Help|Home menu item to display Welcome page, then click on "Free online registration" link to navigate to the registration form. This link is not visible if you already have registered DM2003 software. You can check registration status in the About box (Help|About menu item). Certainly, your computer must have live Internet connection in order to access online resources.

UAC ShieldIn addition, you must have administrative privileges if your system support access rights control (NT/2000/XP/Vista/7/8). You should also enable ActiveX execution if you are prompted for this action. On systems with UAC feature (Vista/7/8) all programs are running by default with lowered privileges even if user actually is logged in as an administrator. As a result, you must explicitly select "Run as administrator" command from the shell context menu when you start DM2003.

Technical details

DM2003 registration is an online service available at www.datamaster2003.com website. When you fill registration form and click "Register" button, script on the registration page remembers fact of registration so that DM2003 application can determine whether this copy have been registered, then special script on the server send me e-mail with information that you have provided, and you will see confirmation page.

Notice: you can clear all fields and submit empty registration form if you don't want to disclose any personal information. By default, user name and organization (company) fields initialized with values that you have provided at the DM2003 installation. When you reinstall DM2003, you should register it again because registration information automatically deleted by the uninstaller.