Development objectives

The most of new industrial and laboratory test and measurement systems use personal computers for data acquisition, visualization, processing and analysis. However, unlike common peripherals, there is no industrial standard or conventional specifications for interface between PC software and measurement instrument. Furthermore, analytical instrumentation involves a wide variety of measurement schemes and algorithms. As a result, today there’s no really universal software packages for automation of data acquisition systems, and in many cases the only right way out is to create custom applications.

Why use Data Master 2003?


Author is grateful for financial support from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation (projects PD02-1.2-336 and MK-2188.2003.02).

Special thanks to Dejan Crnila (for his great CPortLib components) and SynEdit Team (syntax highlighters used in Script Editor).

For those who desperately looking for DM2003 source code: read this note first!